January 14, 2021

Italy: Serie A, 2020-21 season – Location-maps, with 2 charts: Seasons-in 1st-Division [current clubs] & All-time Italian Titles list.

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Italy: 2020-21 Serie A – Location-maps, with 2 charts: Seasons-in 1st-Division [current clubs] & All-time Italian Titles list

By Bill Turianski on the 15th of January 2021;
-2020-21 Serie A (
-Serie A page at
-Table, fixtures, results, stats, etc…Serie A/summary (
-English-speaking coverage of Italian football…Forza Italian

The map page has a location-map of 2020-21 Serie A on the left-hand side.
The location-map features each club’s home kit [2020-21]. The map also shows the 20 Regions of Italy. And the map also shows the 11 largest cities in Italy (2019 metropolitan-area figures) {Metropolitan cities of Italy}. The cities’ population figures can be seen at the top of the location-map.

The centre of the map page has a map showing current Serie A representation by Region.
Of the 20 Regions of Italy, 11 have clubs in Serie A currently. The most-represented regions have 3 clubs each: Lombardia, Liguria, and Emilia-Romagna. Below is the full list of current Serie A clubs, by region…
Lombardia (aka Lombardy): 3 clubs…featuring Atalanta, and two Milan-based clubs: Internazionale, and Milan (note: there were 4 clubs from Lombardia in Serie A recently, but Brescia were relegated in 2020).
Liguria: 3 clubs…featuring two Genoa-based clubs: Genoa and Sampdoria, plus the newly-promoted Spezia, who are making their Serie A debut.
Emilia-Romagna: 3 clubs…featuring Bologna, Parma, and Sassuolo (note: there were 4 clubs from Emilia-Romagna in Serie A recently, but SPAL were relegated in 2020).
Piemonte (aka Piedmont): 2 clubs…both from Turin [Torino]: Juventus, and Torino.
Lazio: 2 clubs…both from Rome: Roma, and Lazio.
Campania: 2 clubs…Napoli [of Naples], and newly-promoted Benevento, who are located 31 miles (50 km) NE of Naples, and who are playing in only their second season of Serie A (their first was in 2017-18).
Tuscany: 1 club…Fiorentina [of Florence].
Sardinia: 1 club…Cagliari.
Friuli-Venezia Guilia: 1 club…Udinese [of Udine].
Veneto: 1 club…Hellas Verona.
Calabria: 1 club…the newly-promoted Crotone, who are playing in only their third season of Serie A (their first two top-flight seasons were from 2016 to ’18).

The right-hand side of the map page has 2 charts.
The top chart shows the 20 clubs’ total seasons in Serie A, with consecutive top-flight seasons also listed. The other chart is the All-time Italian titles list (1898-1915; 1920-43; 1947-2020).

Thanks to all at the links below…
-Blank map of Italy by TUBS, at File:Italy provincial location map.svg.
-Blank map of Italy’s Regions by Gigillo83 at File:Italian regions white (with new provinces).svg (
-Populations of Italian cities’ metro-areas from Metropolitan cities of Italy (
-Seasons in Italian 1st division:;
-General info, crests, kit illustrations, from 2020-21 Serie A (

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