June 28, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Finals Match- Germany v. Spain.

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Sunday, 29th June, it’s the Germany National Team versus the Spain National Team, for the Championship of European football.  Euro 2008 has been an absolutely fantastic competition.  It’s amazing to think how big the Euros have become, and deservedly so, because there have been some incredible games.  I think, as opposed to the World Cup, the teams are willing to play less conservatively, and with a more go-for-broke attitude.  Whatever the reason, the Euro 2008 games have been, by and large, a thrilling affair.   [Note: this is old content, posted again here for viewer convenience.  Late Sunday, I will post a map of Japan's 2008 J-League.]



June 18, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Turkey- Squad Map.

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Kudos to the Turkey National Team, for their two consecutive come-from-behind victories in Euro 2008.  They beat Switzerland 2-1 on 11th June , and stunned the Czechs last Sunday, 15th June, by coming back from a 0-2 deficit, to win 3-2.  Nihat Kahveci pounced on a rare Peter Cech miscue, in the 87th minute.  Nihat then curled a fantastic shot from the top of the penalty area, in the 89th minute.  {See this article (uefa Euro 2008 site)}.

Turkey will now face Croatia, in a Quarter-Final match, on Friday 20th June, in Vienna, Austria.

The map includes the 12 largest cities in Turkey (500,000 population, or more).  {Click here, for the full list of Turkish cities (Mongabay site.

{Click here, for modern history/ demographics/info on the country of Turkey {CIA World Fact Book site}.}

Thanks to the UEFA site, for the Turkish Team kits.

June 15, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Croatia-Squad Map.

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Croatia beat Germany 2-1, last Thursday, to clinch a spot in the Euro 2008 Quarter-Finals.  {To see an article on this, click here (SI/CNN site).}

The map includes the only 4 cities in Croatia with a population of 100,000 or more  {see this}.  Croatia has an approximate population of just 4.5 million, which underscores how impressive their Narional Team’s win over Germany was…Germany’s population is around 82.4 million.  {See this page on Croatia, from the CIA World Factbook site.}

[Note: all players' caps and goals are correct as of 12 June, 2008.]

Thanks to the UEFA site {click here}, for the Euro 2008 Croatia National Team kits.

June 11, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Germany- Squad Map.

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Though they were outshot by Poland 12-14, Germany won their first game last Sunday by a score of 2-0, with both goals scored by Polish-born Lukas Podolski  {click here, for a report from the UEFA site}.  Thursday, Germany plays Croatia.

There are three Polish-born players on the German team: Miroslav Klose, Lukas Podolski, and Piotr Trochowski.  Both Klose and Podolski were born in Silesia  {see this}, which was formerly part of Germany.  Most of Silesia is now in (south-west) Poland, with sections in the Czech Republic, and Germany.  {Click here, for background on Miroslav Klose’s family, and how they were able to get out of Communist-era Poland, with the help of German-ancestry laws.}

The map shows the 27 cities in Germany with a population over 250,000.  Here is a list of the largest cities in Germany  {mongabay site; click here}.   Below is a population density map of Germany (from Wikipedia).


Thanks to the UEFA site {click here}  for the German kits.

[Note: Players caps and goals are listed up to before the start of Euro 2008.]

June 8, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: France- Squad Map.

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Monday, 9th June, the French National Team will open their Euro 2008 campaign against dark-horse team Romania.  These teams are in the “Group of Death” (which also includes current World Cup Champions Italy, and the Netherlands).

{Click here, for an article from the UEFA site.}

The map also shows the 10 largest cities in France (all with over 200,000 population), plus Lille, which has a large metro-area population {click here, for the full list of largest French cities (of over 100,000 population), from the Mongabay site}.

Thanks to the UEFA site, for the French National Team kits {click here, for the Teams page}.

June 5, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Portugal. National Team- Squad Map.

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Saturday, 7th June, Portugal will face Turkey, in one of the two games which will kick off the first day of Euro 2008.

{Click here, for Portugal’s page, from the UEFA site.}

Thanks to the UEFA site, for the Potugal kits; UEFA site  {click here}.

May 28, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Netherlands. National Team- Squad Map.

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Netherlands coach Marco van Basten shrunk his roster to 24 players on 25th May {see this}.  He made his final cut on the 27th {see this}.  And here is an update from the Dutch camp {see this}

On this map, I have made a couple adjustments, for better readability.  I listed each position in the order of players with the most caps (rather than alphabetically).  I listed each player’s name twice, so you can scroll easier.  And I tried to list all the former clubs that each player played for (not just the first club or two). 

The 18 biggest Dutch cities (cities with more than a 122,000 population) are listed on the map.  I added two smaller cities that have prominent first division clubs,  Heerenveen (pop. 42,000), and Alkmaar (pop. 94,000).   **{Click here, for the list of largest cities in the Netherlands.}

The Netherlands team is in the Group of Death…Italy, France, Netherlands, and Romania. (Yikes !)

Thanks to ( for the blank map of the Netherlands.  Thanks to the UEFA site for the Netherlands National Team Euro 2008 kits {click here, for the UEFA Euro 2008 site}.

May 25, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Italy. National Team- Squad Map.

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On Tuesday, Italian National Team coach Roberto Donadoni announced his squad for Euro 2008.  {Click here, for an article on this, from the CNN world sport site.} 

Thanks to ( for the blank map of Italy. 

Thanks to the UEFA site, for the Euro 2008 Italian National Team uniforms  {click here, for the UEFA site}.

Photo credits are on the map.

May 21, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Spain. National Football Team- Squad Map.

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Last Saturday, Spanish National Team coach Luis Aragones released his roster for Euro 2008.  Here is an article on this, from the ESPN site {click here}.

This map shows the birthplaces of all the members of the Euro 2008 Spanish National Football Team.  Each players’ international appearances (Caps), and goals, are listed. Each player’s current club is listed.  And with each player, I have also listed the first pro club they played for, along with any youth club or academy they might have played for.

[**{Click here}, for Wikipedia's page on the UEFA Euro 2008 competition, which will be hosted by Austria and Switzerland.  It starts on 7th June.]

The 15 largest cities in Spain (which includes the Canary Islands, and the Ballearic Islands) are shown on the map.  **{Click here, for the full list of Spanish Cities, by population.}

Thanks Wikimedia Commons, and, for the Spain Blank Map.  Thanks to the UEFA site {click here}, for the Spanish National Team 2008 Euro kits.  Photo credits are on the map.

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