January 31, 2009

NFL, 1997 Season: Map with Helmets.

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Thanks to, for the helmets.

In the 1997 NFL Season, the Denver Broncos became the first AFC team to win the NFL Title in 14 seasons, when they defeated the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl 32. The victory marked a turning of the tide: in the 10 Super Bowls since 1997, it has been AFC 7, NFC 3. The younger AFC, which comprises the 10 AFL (1960-1969) franchises among its 15 members, has begun a period of dominance over the older NFC, which has 8 franchises formed before 1960. True, the NFC’s New York Giants beat the AFC’s New England Patriots in last season’s Super Bowl, and they deseved the victory, with a stunning comeback drive. But the Patriots were heavily favored, as are the AFC’s Steelers, over the NFC’s Cardinals, in this season’s Super Bowl.

1997 was the first season the Denver Broncos first wore their flashy, futuristic navy blue and orange uniforms. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also debuted their new pewter-colored/ skull and crossbones gear that year, ditching their rather festive pale orange uniforms with the winking pirate who sported a feathered hat (who on earth decided that look was a good idea ?). The full list of changes (uniforms and otherwise) for the 1997 NFL season can be seen {here}.
Here are the uniforms from 1997 {}.

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