March 31, 2018

MLB: Paid-Attendance (tickets-sold) map for 2017 (home/regular season average tickets-sold), including change from 2016 and percent-capacity figures./+ Illustration: The Houston Astros – 2017 World Series champions.

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MLB: Paid-Attendance (tickets-sold) map for 2017 (home/regular season average tickets-sold), including change from 2016 and percent-capacity figures

By Bill Turianski on 31 March 2018;
-Official site…
-Teams, etc…Major League Baseball (
-[Current] MLB attendance at ESPN…MLB Attendance Report [also with team attendance figures for past 17 seasons] (

-2018 Team-by-Team MLB Logo and Uniform Preview (by Chris Creamer at

-MLB attendance dropped off slightly in 2017, going below 73 million for the first time in 14 seasons. A lack of pennant-races in September 2017 was one of the reasons cited for the 0.67% drop-off in tickets sold…{Another fall puts MLB attendance below 73M (by Eric Fisher on Oct 9 2017 at}

-In April 2017, at Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum, the Oakland Athletics reduced their tarp-covered upper-deck seats by 12,000; there are now about 8,000 seats at the stadium which are still covered by tarps, primarily in the egregious and looming “Mount Davis” stand behind centerfield (which was built to accommodate the NFL’s Raiders…who will soon be leaving Oakland [again])…{A’s take tarps off; upper-deck tickets $15 (by Susan Slusser on April 11 2017 at}

-Thanks to their new suburban-Atlanta-based ballpark (the 41.5-K-capacity SunTrust Park, which is located 10 miles NW of central Atlanta), the Atlanta Braves increased their average paid-attendance in 2017 by an MLB-best 5,980 per game. (The Braves’ crowd-size improved from 24.9 K in 2016, to 30.9 K in 2017.)…{Braves attendance jumps 28% in 2017 (Video) (}

-The Cleveland Indians had the second-best paid-attendance increase in 2017, up 5.3 K per game (to a league-22nd-best 25.2 K-per-game). Located in an economically wracked and shrinking city, and one year after winning the 2016 AL pennant and taking the Cubs to the 7th game of the World Series, the Cleveland Indians have finally seen an attendance increase…{Cleveland Indians reach 2 million in tickets sold for first time since 2008 (from Sep. 20 2017 at}

The map…
The circular-cap-logos on the map page are all each MLB teams’ 2017 home cap logo. That is, except with respect to Baltimore’s circular-cap-logo, which is of their all-black road cap, because the Orioles wear their white-paneled cap at home, and I wanted to maintain a uniformity to all 30 of the circular-cap-logos on the map. The circular-cap-logos were then sized to reflect crowd size, utilizing a constant gradient (the larger the team’s average paid-attendance, the larger their circular-cap-logo is on the map). If you are unsure about the term “paid-attendance”, my post on MLB paid-attendance from 2015 can clear that up for you {here, 2014 MLB paid-attendance map}. The chart at the right-hand-side of the map page shows 5 things: Attendance-Rank, Average Paid-Attendance, Venue Capacity, Percent-Capacity, and Numerical Change in Average Paid-Attendance from Previous Season [2016].

(Note: in late-May 2018, I will post a chart showing MLB teams within the context of the largest metro-areas in the USA and Canada, entitled Baseball: MLB representation in the largest metropolitan statistical areas (USA & Canada). As a teaser of sorts, here are the primary lists I used for that, List of metropolitan statistical area [in the USA]; List of census metropolitan areas and agglomerations in Canada.

I will just leave you with this…the seven largest major cities (in USA and Canada) without MLB teams are:
Montreal, QC, Canada (16th-largest city in USA/Canada);
Charlotte, NC (24th-largest city in USA/Canada);
Vancouver, BC, Canada (25th-largest city in USA/Canada);
Orlando, FL (26th-largest city in USA/Canada);
San Antonio, TX (27th-largest city in USA/Canada);
Portland, OR (28th-largest city in USA/Canada);
San Juan, Puerto Rico, [unincorporated territory of the USA] (29th-largest city in USA/Canada).

…And there are 5 MLB teams that are located in cities smaller than those listed above…Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Milwaukee.)

    The Houston Astros: 2017 World Series champions – the Astros’ first MLB title (which took 56 years) (and which occurred just 5 weeks after Hurricane Harvey)…

-The Unprecedented Flooding in Houston, in Photos (by Alan Taylor on 28 Aug. 2017 at
-How the Houston Astros Finally Hit on a Formula That Worked for Them (by Tyler Kepner on 3 Nov. 2017 at
Photo and Image credits above -
Is Hurricane Harvey a harbinger for Houston’s future?“, photo by Richard Carson/Reuters via Rte. #45 road-sign, illustration from Houston skyline with Minute Maid Park in foreground, photo by Jackson Myers at Aerial shot of Minute Maid park at dusk, photo by Jim Olive via; View from upper-deck stands, game 3 of 2017 WS at Minute Maid Park, photo by Tim Donnelly/AP via [Orange County Register] Dallas Keuchel, photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Justin Verlander, photo by Tony Gutierrez/AP via Houston manager AJ Hinch at the mound with Justin Verlander and the Astros’ infield [2017 ALDS v Red Sox], photo unattributed at Correa and Altuve with celebratory handshake (ALCS game 7 following Altuve’s solo HR), photo by Karen Warren/Houston Chronicle at 2017 WS MVP George Springer rounds the bases (after hitting his 5th HR of the series), as LA’s YU Darvish looks away (2017 WS, game 7), photo by David J. Phillip/AP via 2017 WS, game 7, journeyman Pitcher Charlie Morton, who pitched 4 scoreless innings in relief, is hugged by Catcher Brian McCann, after making the final out; Astros beat the LA Dodgers 5-1, and 4 games-to-3, to win their first World Series title; photo by Getty Images via Celebrating fans at watch-party in Minute Maid Park in Houston later that evening, photo by Reuters via Astros fans watch as players roll by during the World Series Victory parade (Friday, Nov. 3, 2017), in downtown Houston, photo by Godofredo A. Vasquez/Houston Chronicle at “Editor’s choice: Photos from the Astros championship parade” ([Gallery]). 1975 Houston Astros jersey logo via Astros].

Thanks to NuclearVacuum for the blank map, File:BlankMap-North America-Subdivisions.svg (
Thanks to ESPN for attendances,
Thanks to Chris Creamer’s Sports, for several (~17) of the cap logos,
Thanks to, for stats.
Thanks to the contributors at,

March 21, 2018

2018 NCAA Division I Hockey Tournament: the 16 teams that qualified. With 2017-18 attendance data, and all-time Titles-&-Frozen-Four-appearances list./ +Update: the teams that qualified for the 2018 Frozen Four: Notre Dame, Minnesota-Duluth, Michigan, Ohio State.

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2018 NCAA Division I Hockey Tournament: the 16 teams that qualified. With 2017-18 attendance data. + All-time D1 Titles-and-Frozen-Four list

By Bill Turianski on 21 March 2018.
-2018 NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament (
-Here is the bracket with game times (
-Live scores… .
-D1 Hockey attendance [2017-18 regular season/all 60 teams] (
-Top ten Frozen Four moments from the past 25 years {}.

    Update: the teams that qualified for the 2018 Frozen Four (shown alphabetically)…
    Michigan, Minnesota-Duluth, Notre Dame, Ohio State

Michigan Wolverines (their 25th Frozen Four appearance [all-time most]) (and first since 2011)…
Photo and Image credits above – Michigan players celebrate first goal of the game (5 minutes in), photo by Michael Dwyer/AP via Brendan Warren celebrates after scoring, photo by Associated Press via Michigan players celebrate the victory, photo by Michael Dwyer/AP via Michigan Flying-wing hockey helmet, image by billsportsmaps via photo of Bauer helmet at

Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs (back-to-back Frozen Four appearances)…
Photo and Image credits above – Freshman Joey Anderson celebrates with teammates after opening the scoring against Air Force (1st Period/9:03), photo unattributed at Defenseman Nick Wolff scores with wrist-shot from top of left face-off circle, screenshot from video at Players celebrating with traveling fans after victory, photo by Jim Rosvold at Jersey logo, photo by Jersey shoulder-patch-logo (Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge shoulder patch.), image from

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (back-to-back Frozen Four appearances)…
Photo and Image credits above – Andrew Ogelvie celebrates ND’s equalizing 1st goal with teammates, photo by Matt Dewkett at Dylan Malmquist scores winning goal with 0:27 left in game, photo by Jessica Hill/AP via Notre Dame Main Building’s golden dome, which is symbolized by the blank-gold Notre Dame Fighting Irish football helmet [and the blank-gold Notre Dame Fighting Irish ice hockey helmet], photo by Know1one1 at File:The Golden Dome.jpg (, via Notre Dame shamrock-on-hockey-pants-logo (2017-18 gear), drawn from template at Notre Dame teams’ colors: drawn from template from

Ohio State Buckeyes (their 2nd Frozen Four appearance, and their first one in 20 years)…
Photo and Image credits above – Kevin Miller scoring the first of his two goals, photo by Rich Schultz/AP via Goalie Sean Romeo made 30 saves for the Buckeyes, photo by Omar Phillips at Players celebrate win, photo unattributed at Buckeyes hockey helmet, photo from 2017-18 jersey, photo from

The map…The map page shows the 16 D1 hockey teams that qualified for the 2018 NCAA Division I Hockey Tournament. Each team is placed on the map in their venue-location, with a circular device which shows the teams average attendance in graphic form (the larger the circle, the higher the attendance). Alongside the team’s school-name is their attendance-rank within the 60-team D1 level. The 16 teams’ 2017-18 attendance data (listed by attendance-rank), can be seen at the top-right of the map page. The attendance-data-list includes: average attendance, venue-capacity, percent-capacity, and numerical-change-in-average-attendance from the previous season. (The highest-drawing team in D1 hockey is North Dakota; you can see the whole attendance list at, here: Men’s Division I Hockey Attendance: 2017-2018.) At the lower-left of the map page is the complete list of NCAA D1 hockey titles & Frozen Four appearances (1948-2017). And at the top-center of the map is a banner showing, in alphabetical order, alternate logos of the 16 teams. (Note: In case you’re wondering, I made that Michigan Wolverines hockey-helmet-logo. No one online, to my knowledge, has ever tried out that sort of an illustration for any of the D1 hockey teams that sport helmet-logos which are the same design as their schools’ football-helmet-logos [ie, Michigan Wolverines, Ohio State Buckeyes, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Penn State Nittany Lions]. Which is a mystery to me, because those schools’ hockey-helmet-logos are awesome, and deserve more recognition. Heck, for that matter, why don’t NHL teams sport football-helmet-style hockey-helmet-logos? Like this. I think it is a marketing opportunity that has gone wasted all these years. But I digress.)

The tournament…{Tournament Watch (} The first two rounds of the tournament will be played on the weekend of Fri-Sun March 23-25, in four locations (Sioux Falls, SD; Allentown, PA; Bridgeport, CT; Worcester, MA). The winners of each sub-bracket will comprise the Frozen Four, who will reconvene two weeks later on the weekend of Fri-Sun April 6-8, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, at the 17,950-capacity Xcel Energy Center (which is the home of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild).

#1-seeds: St. Cloud State Huskies (1), Notre Dame Fighting Irish (2), Cornell Big Red (3), Ohio State Buckeyes (4).
There were a few unheralded teams winning the five conference tournaments, most notably the Princeton Tigers, who won the ECAC for only the 3rd time (in 67 seasons). Four of the six teams that won their conference tournaments were so low-ranked in the polls that, for the first time ever (since 1983), all four of the #4-seeds were conference-tournament champions (Princeton, Air Force, Michigan Tech, Boston U). Those four teams would not have qualified for the D1 tournament had they not won their conferences. {See this, 2018 NCAA Tournament: First Look (} So that threw a wrench into the post-season plans of some big programs, including Minnesota and Boston College, and, most notably, North Dakota…North Dakota were shut out of the D1 tournament for the first time in 15 years (North Dakota had qualified for the D1 tournament every season from 2003 to 2017).

In 2018, Big Ten-hockey has supplanted Hockey East, as the conference with the most teams into the D1 tournament…
Ever since the re-organization of D1 hockey of 2013/14, which saw the demise of the CCHA, and the creation of two new D1 conferences (the NCHC and the Big Ten D1-hockey-conference), the D1 conference with the most teams in the D1 tournament was Hockey East (in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017) as well as the relatively-brand-new NCHC (which also had 4 teams into the tournament in 2017). But this season, the 5-year-old Big Ten D1-hockey conference has the most qualified teams (four: Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State). And two of them are #1-seeds (Notre Dame & Ohio State).

So the 7-team Big Ten D1 hockey conference has just placed more than half its members into the D1 hockey tournament…
-Notre Dame: who were in the CCHA, but then jumped that sinking ship with a temporary move over to Hockey East (for four seasons), and are now in their first season of Big Ten D1-hockey. [Notre Dame has won zero D1 hockey titles/3 Frozen Four appearances (last in 2017).]
-Ohio State: [Ohio State has won zero D1 hockey titles/1 Frozen Four appearance (in 1998).]
-Michigan: [Michigan are winners of the all-time-best 10 D1 hockey titles (last in 1998)/all-time-best 24 Frozen Four appearances (last in 2012).]
-Penn State: who are a long-time Big Ten school in other sports, and who are in only their 6th season of D1-hockey. [Zero D1 hockey titles/zero Frozen Four appearances.].

Here is the breakdown of the 16 teams that qualified for the 2018 D1 Hockey Tournament, by conference…
Big Ten – 4 teams…conference-winner (Notre Dame/#1-seed, + 3 at-large bids (Ohio State/#1-seed), (Michigan/#2-seed), (Penn State/#3-seed).
NCHC – 3 teams…conference-winner (Denver/#1-seed) + 2 at-large bids (St. Cloud State/#1-seed), (Western Michigan/#2-seed).
Hockey East – 3 teams…conference-winner (Boston University/#4-seed) + 2 at-large bids (Providence/#2-seed), (Northeastern/#3-seed).
ECAC – 3 teams…conference-winner (Princeton/#4-seed), + 2 at-large bids (Cornell/#1-seed, (Clarkson/#3-seed).
WCHA – 2 teams…conference-winner (Michigan Tech/#1-seed), + 1 at-large-bid (Minnesota State/#2-seed).
Atlantic – 1 team…conference-winner (Air Force/#4-seed).

Thanks to all at the following links…
-Thanks to AMK1211 for blank map of USA, ‘File:Blank US Map with borders.svg”>File:Blank US Map with borders.svg‘ (
-Thanks to Two Hearted River at[each teams' page at Wikipedia], for small segments of jersey illustrations of some teams (Minnesota-Duluth, Cornell, Boston U), such as at File:ECAC-Uniform-Cornell.png.
-Thanks to, for image of hockey helmet used to make the Michigan Wolverines banner logo (of Michigan’s sublime flying-wing hockey helmet).
-Thanks to WCHA online shop, for photo of Minnesota State-Mankato Mavericks banner logo,
-Thanks to USCHO site for attendance data, Men’s Division I Hockey Attendance: 2016-2017 (
-Thanks to, for articles and info.

March 11, 2018

2018 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament (aka March Madness) – the 68 teams: map, with team locations & 2016-17 average attendances listed.

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2018 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament (aka March Madness) – the 68 teams: map, with team locations & 2016-17 average attendances listed

By Bill Turianski on 11 March 2018;

-Teams, etc…2018 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament.
-Scores…Div I college bk scores (

The 68 Teams which qualified for the 2018 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament [aka March Madness]
Listed by: Name. Conference. Location of arena(s)…
Alabama Crimson Tide. SEC. Tuscaloosa, AL.
Arizona Wildcats. Pac-12. Tucson, AZ.
Arizona State Sun Devils. Pac-12. Tempe, AZ.
Arkansas Razorbacks. SEC. Fayetteville, AR.
Auburn Tigers. SEC. Auburn, AL.
Bucknell Bison. Patriot. Lewisburg, PA.
Buffalo Bulls. Mid-American. Amherst, NY.
Butler Bulldogs. Big East. Indianapolis, IN.
Cal State Fullerton Titans. Big West. Fullerton, CA.
Charleston Cougars, Colonial. Charleston, SC.
Cincinnati Bearcats. American Athletic. Cincinnati, OH.
Clemson Tigers. ACC. Clemson, SC.
Creighton Bluejays. Big East. Omaha, NE.
Davidson Wildcats. Atlantic-10. Davidson, NC.
Duke Blue Devils. ACC. Durham, NC.
Florida Gators. SEC. Gainesville, FL.
Florida State Seminoles. ACC. Tallahassee, FL.
Georgia State Panthers. Sun Belt. Atlanta, GA.
Gonzaga Bulldogs. West Coast. Spokane, WA.
Houston Cougars. American Athletic. Houston, TX.
Iona Gaels. Metro Atlantic [MAAC]. New Rochelle, NY.
Kansas Jayhawks. Big 12. Lawrence, KS.
Kansas State Wildcats. Big 12. Manhattan, KS.
Kentucky Wildcats. SEC. Lexington, KY.
Lipscomb Bisons. Atlantic Sun. Nashville, TN.
LIU-Brooklyn Blackbirds. Northeast. Brookly, NY.
Loyola-Chicago Wolves. Missouri Valley. Chicago, IL.
Marshall Thundering Herd. Conf-USA. Huntington, WV.
Miami Hurricanes. ACC. Coral Gables, FL.
Michigan Wolverines. Big Ten. Ann Arbor, MI.
Michigan State Spartans. Big Ten. East Lansing, MI.
Missouri Tigers. SEC. Columbia, MD.
Montana Grizzlies. Big Sky. Missoula, MT.
Murray State Racers. Ohio Valley. Murray, KY.
New Mexico State Aggies. M Las Cruces, NM.
Nevada Wolf Pack. Mountain West. Reno, NV.
North Carolina Tar Heels. ACC. Chapel Hill, NC.
North Carolina Central Eagles. Mid-Eastern [MEAC]. Durham, NC.
North Carolina State Wolfpacks. ACC. Raleigh, NC.
Ohio State Buckeyes. Big Ten. Columbus, OH.
Oklahoma Sooners. Big 12. Norman, OK.
Penn Quakers. Ivy League. Philadelphia, PA.
Providence Friars. Big East. Providence, RI.
Purdue Boilermakers. Big Ten. West Lafayette, IN.
Radford Highlanders. Big South. Radford, VA.
Rhode Island Rams. Atlantic-10. Kingston, RI.
Saint Bonaventure Bonnies. Atlantic-10. St. Bonaventure [Olean], NY.
San Diego State Aztecs. Mountain West. San Diego, CA.
Seton Hall Pirates. Big East. East Orange, NJ/Newark, NJ.
South Dakota State Jackrabbits. Summit. Brookings, SD.
Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. Southland. Nacogdoches, TX.
Syracuse Orange. ACC. Syracuse, NY.
TCU Horned Frogs. Big 12. Fort Worth, TX.
Tennessee Volunteers. SEC. Knoxville, TN.
Texas Longhorns. Big 12. Austin, TX.
Texas A&M Aggies. SEC. College Station, TX.
Texas Southern Tigers. SWAC. Houston, TX.
Texas Tech Red Raiders. Big 12. Lubbock, TX.
UCLA Bruins. Pac-12. Los Angeles, CA.
UMBC Retrievers. America East. Catonsville, MD.
UNC-Greensboro Spartans. Southern. Greensboro, NC.
USC Trojans. Pac-12. Los Angeles, CA.
Villanova Wildcats. Big East. Villanova, PA / Philadelphia, PA.
Virginia Cavaliers. ACC. Charlottesville, VA.
Virginia Tech Hokies. ACC. Blacksburg, VA.
West Virginia Mountaineers. Big 12. Morgantown, WV.
Wichita State Shockers. Missouri Valley. Wichita, KS.
Wright State Raiders. Horizon. Fairborn, OH.
Xavier Musketeers. Big East. Cincinnati, OH.

-Thanks to AMK1211 for blank map of USA, ‘File:Blank US Map with borders.svg”>File:Blank US Map with borders.svg‘ (
-Thanks to the contributors to the pages at, ‘2016 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament’.
-Thanks to CBS, for several of the logos-with-transparent-backgrounds (which are hard to find wrt smaller schools);
-Thanks to CBS for actually listing the qualified teams in alphabetical order:
-Thanks to NCAA for attendance figures, from 2017 NCAA MEN’S BASKETBALL ATTENDANCE (For All NCAA Men’s Varsity Teams) [pdf].
-And Thank You, CBS/TBS, for finally announcing all the qualified teams at the START of the Selection-Sunday broadcast.

March 4, 2018

2017-18 FA Cup 6th Round (Quarterfinals), map and attendance list with fixtures./+ illustration: each team’s manager & their top scorer (goals from all competitions in 2017-18, up to 5 March 2018).

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2017-18 FA Cup 6th Round (Quarterfinals), map and attendance data, with expanded fixtures list

-The competition…FA Cup (
Fixtures, results, etc…FA CUP: 6th Round: [fixtures/teams/etc] (
-BBC’s page on the FA Cup…FA Cup (

By Bill Turianski on 4 March 2018;

    2017-18 FA Cup 6th Round (Quarterfinals)/8 teams…
    Below: each team’s manager and their top scorer (goals scored, from all competitions in 2017-18, up to 5 March 2018)

Photo and Image credits above -
-Brighton: manager Chris Hughton, photo by Reuters via
-Brighton: top scorer, Glenn Murray (11 league goals [13 goals, total]), photo by Paul Hazlewood via
-Chelsea: manager, Antonio Conte, photo unattributed at
-Chelsea: top scorer, Edin Hazard (11 league goals [15 goals, total]), photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Europe via
-Leicester City: manager, Claude Puel, photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe via
-Leicester City: top scorer, Jamie Vardy (13 league goals [15 goals, total], photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Europe via
-Manchester United: manager, José Mourinho, photo by AFP
-Manchester United: top scorer, Romelu Lukaku (14 league goals [23 goals, total], photo unattributed at
-Southampton: former manager, Mauricio Pellegrino, photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images Europe via
-Southampton: top scorer, Charlie Austin (6 league goals [6 goals, total]), photo unattributed at
-Swansea City: manager, Carlos Carvalhal, photo by Getty Images via
-Swansea City: top scorer, Jordan Ayew (6 league goals [10 goals, total]), photo unattributed at
-Tottenham: manager, Mauricio Pochettino, photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images Europe via
-Tottenham: top scorer, Harry Kane (24 league goals [35 goals, total]), photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Europe via
-Wigan: manager, Paul Cook, photo by PA via
-Wigan: top scorer, Will Grigg (9 league goals [16 goals, total]), photo by Martin Rickett/PA via
Thanks to all at the links below…
-Blank map of UK historic counties, by Nilfanion (using UK Ordnance Survey data), at File:United Kingdom police areas map.svg;
-Blank relief map of Greater London, by Nilfanion (using UK Ordnance Survey data), at File:Greater London UK relief location map.jpg;
-Blank relief map of Greater Manchester, by Nilfanion (using Ordnance Survey data), at File:Greater Manchester UK relief location map.jpg (
-Current average attendance figures from
-List of Greater Manchester settlements by population (
-Top scorers (goals from all competitions), stats from,

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