December 22, 2018

All-time Serie A (Italy/1st division): List of all clubs with at least one season in the Italian 1st division (87 seasons/since 1929-30/66 clubs); with Italian titles listed.

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All-time Serie A (Italy/1st division): List of all clubs with at least one season in the Italian 1st division (87 seasons/since 1929-30/66 clubs); with Italian titles listed

By Bill Turianski on 22 December 2018;

This chart for Italy here is similar to the one I made for England, earlier this year {here: England, 1st division – all-time: List of all clubs with at least one season in the English 1st division (120 seasons/since 1888-89/65 clubs).; with English titles listed.

This chart here is in the same template as the chart I recently made, for Germany {here: All-time Bundesliga (Germany/1st division): Chart of all clubs with at least one season in the German 1st division (56 seasons/since 1963-64/55 clubs); with German titles listed.

The chart here shows the list of all clubs that have played in the Italian 1st division (Serie A).
There are 66 clubs who have played in Serie A, since it was instituted in 1929-30. (2018-19 is the 87th season of Serie A.)
Going from left to right on the chart, here is what is listed on the chart…
1). Name of club.
2). Level (aka division) that the club is in, currently [2018-19]. Levels are shown at the foot of the chart. Also, there is a small chart further below here which shows all 9 levels in the Italian football pyramid.
3). Crest & colours [home colours from 2018-19].
4). Seasons in Italian 1st Division (Serie A): 87 seasons (1929-30 to 1942-43; 1946-47 to 2018-19).
5). Consecutive seasons in the 1st division [current/2018-19] – OR – Last season that the club was previously in the 1st Division.
6). Serie A clubs for 2018-19 are shown with crest and small home kit illustration [grey column down the middle of the chart].
7). Full name of club.
8). Italian titles: Italian titles [113 seasons] (1898-1915; 1920-1943; 1946-2018). (FIGC season 1921-22 not included. No title awarded in 1927 [Torino stripped of title]. No title awarded in 2005 [Juventus stripped of title].)

Here are the 20 all-time longest-serving clubs of Serie A (2018-19 is the 87th season of Italian 1st division football)…
with city-location and home average attendance from 20 Dec. 2019. 5 clubs below are not in Serie A in 2018-19, and their current divisional status is noted.
1). 87 seasons: Internazionale. Milan, Lombardy. Drawing 62.0 K (highest attendance in Italy, currently).
=2). 86 seasons: Roma. Rome, Lazio. Drawing 38.8 K (4th-highest).
=2). 86 seasons: Juventus. Turin, Piedmont. Drawing 39.9 K (3rd-highest).
4). 85 seasons: Milan. Milan, Lombardy. Drawing 38.8 K (4th-highest).
5). 81 seasons: Fiorentina. Florence, Tuscany. Drawing 31.4 K (7th-highest)
6). 76 seasons: Lazio. Rome, Lazio. Drawing 32.6 K (5th-highest).
7). 75 seasons: Torino. Turin, Piedmont. Drawing 19.2 K (12th-highest).
8). 73 seasons: Napoli. Naples, Campania. Drawing 31.7 K (6th-highest).
9). 72 seasons: Bologna. Bologna, Emilia-Romagna. Drawing 21.5 K (9th-highest).
10). 62 seasons: Sampdoria. Genoa, Liguria. Drawing 19.3 K (11th-highest).
11). 58 seasons: Atalanta. Bergamo, Lombardy. Drawing 18.6 K (13th-highest).
12). 52 seasons: Genoa. Genoa, Liguria. Drawing 22.0 K (8th-highest).
13). 46 seasons: Udinese. Udine, Friuli-Venezia Guilia. Drawing 21.3 K (10th-highest).
14). 39 seasons: Cagliari. Cagliari, Island of Sardinia. Drawing 15.3 K (15th-highest).
=15). 30 seasons: Bari. Bari, Apulia. Attendance unavailable due to Bari currently playing in the amateur 4th division (Serie D).
=15). 30 seasons: Vicenza. Vicenza, Veneto. Drawing 8.3 K in the 3rd division (Serie C/Group B) [2nd-highest in the 3rd div].
17). 29 seasons: Palermo. Palermo, Island of Sicily. Drawing 13.2 K in the 2nd division (Serie B) [highest-draw in 2nd division & 16th-highest overall].
18). 28 Seasons: Hellas Verona. Verona, Veneto. Drawing 10.5 K in the 2nd division [5th-highest-draw in 2nd division & 24th-highest overall].
19). 26 seasons: Triestina. Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Guilia. Drawing 4.3 K in the 3rd division (Serie C).
20). 25 seasons: Parma. Parma, Emilia-Romagna. Drawing 15.5 K (14th-highest).
Attendance data from[Serie A].

I will have an All-time 1st Division chart (like this one), for Spain, in February.

Levels in the Italian Football Pyramid
(Top 3 levels are professional. Top 2 levels are national leagues; 3rd level is comprised of 3 regional groups. Amateur from the 4th level, down to the 9th level)…
A=1st Division: Serie A.
B=2nd Division: Serie B.
C=3rd Division: Serie C.
D=4th Div (1st-amateur): Serie D.
5th Div (2nd-amateur): Eccellenza.
6th Div (3rd-amatuer): Promozione.
7th Div (4th-amateur): Prima Categoria.
8th Div (5th-amateur): Seconda Categoria.
9th Div (6th-amateur): Terza Categoria.

Data from

Thanks to all at the links below…
-Serie A/Seasons in Serie A (
-Italy – Serie A All-Time Table 1929/30-2017/18 (
-List of Italian football champions/Clubs (
-Small kit illustrations from each team’s page at

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