November 8, 2007

Baseball of the Northeast, 1992.

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I made this map in 1992, back in the days before the internet:  my source for team information was “The Baseball Almanac, 1991″ by Dan Schlossberg.  The minor league team’s affiliations are noted by small crests or icons of the parent club.  The green and tan baseball diamond in the center of New York State represents Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall Of Fame.  Many of the smaller minor league teams shown here are defunct, like the Albany-Colonie Yankees, the Geneva Cubs, the Watertown Indians, the Welland (Ontario) Pirates, the St. Catherines (Ontario) Blue Jays, and the Utica Blue Sox.  Some of the logos here I took the liberty of inventing, like the Blue Sox crest, and the one for the Frederick Keys, in Maryland.  I carved out domains for the Major League teams, trying to be as realistic as possible, while still maintaining a graphic balance.   The New York Yankees got all of Upstate NY, northern and coastal New Jersey, and Fairfield County, Connecticut.  The New York Mets got all of Long Island, NY, plus a Met-colored bar cutting a swath through northern NJ.  This style of representing fan bases proved too problematic and arbitrary, though.  My maps have evolved to where I now usually depict team crests larger or smaller, depending on average attendance.  Showing each team’s “sphere of influence” would entail a census-taking of Herculean scale, and would ultimately be open to dispute. 

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