May 7, 2010

Brazil, Campeonato Série A: 2010 season, with average attendances from 2009.

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At the upper right on the map page is a list of 2009 atendances of all the clubs in Brazil’s 2010 Campeonato Série A season.
Reigning champions are Flamengo, the giant club from Rio de Janeiro, who had last won the title in 1992. The final match of the season at the Maracana drew 80,000, to see a 2-1 win over Gremio. São Paulo had an uncharacteristic stumble in the run-up, losing away to both Goiás and Botofogo in the weeks leading up to the finish. That massive gate pushed Flamengo to the top of the average attendance list once more.
Of the four promoted clubs from Série B, only one has both a large following and significant titles, and that is Rio’s Vasco da Gama, who have regularly drawn in the mid to high 20,000s. Vasco have won 4 Campeonato Série A titles (last in 2000), and the club won the 1998 Copa Libertadores title. Vasco da Gama bounce straight back to the Brazilian top flight after one season in the second tier.

The other promoted club with silverware is Guarani, from Campinas, São Paulo state, which is 83 kilometers (49 miles) north of the city of São Paulo. Guarani are named after the indigenous tribes that came from what is now Paraguay and southern Brazil. Guarani won the Brazilian title in 1978. They averaged around 6,800 last year in the second tier, and historically have averaged around 8,500 per game when in the first division [for attendance figures, see this... {historical attendances in Brazil}.]

The other two promoted clubs have won no national titles, and in fact have both never qualified for the Copa Libertadores…Atlético Goianiense, from Goiânia; and Ceará, from the impoverished north, in the city of Fortaleza, which is the fifth-largest city in Brazil, with a population of around 2.5 million {2009 figure}. Ceará drew very well in their promotion campaign, averaging around 21,000 per game. Atlético Goianiense drew just 4,700 per game last year, and are the second-biggest club in a city that does not tend to show support for it’s football clubs, with the relatively in-form Goiás (8th place in 2008, 9th place in 2009) only drawing about 10,200 per game over the last two seasons. Goiânia is the 13-largest city in Brazil, with a population of around 2.2 million {2008}, so the combined average gate of the two biggest clubs, about 16,000, is pretty low.
All 5 Brazilian clubs who qualified for the 2010 Copa Libertadores remained alive in the competition through to the Round of 16.
In the Round of 16, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Internacional, and São Paulo have advanced to the Quarterfinals.
Fixtures and results, here… Copa Libertadores fixtures and results (ESPN Soccernet).
Thanks to Albion Road (Football Clubs guide), for info help Football Club guide, Brazil.

Thanks to Babylon- translation @ a click,

Thanks to Bolana, for attendance figures 2009 Campeonato Série A attendance figures [under 'Média De Público'], and 2009 Campeonato Série B attendance figures [under 'Média De Público Por Clube'].

Thanks to the contributors to the pages at Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.

Thanks to Jon Cotteril, at TV Globo and at his blog, for pointing me in the direction of Brazilian Serie A and B attendance figures. Also thanks to Jon for linking up to this map on his recent post, Pitaco Gringo’s guide to the 2010 Campeonato Brasileiro.
“Pitaco do Gringo” (Gringo’s Opinion).

TV Globo, TV Globe Esportes.

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