October 28, 2009

2009 Baseball World Series, New York Yankees: team roster, with birthplaces and home towns listed.

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New York Yankees regular season player statistics  {click here}.

[Note:  For this map,  I couldn't fit the stadium section onto the map,  like I did on the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies World Series roster map,  so here is the Yankee Stadium II gallery,  seperately...]    Click on this title for enlarged gallery image  yankee_stadium_ii_april-16-2009.gif


Thanks to the contributors to the pages at {click here (set at New York Yankees page)}.   Thanks to the New York Yankees official site {click here (set at active roster)}.   Thanks to {click here (Sept. 29, 2009}.

Thanks to  {Yankee Stadium II,  here}.   Thanks to {Atom Moore’s photo of New Yankee Stadium,  here}. 

Thanks to NBC New  {feature on ‘Yankee Stadium 2009: The First Season in Photos’,  here}.

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