October 13, 2009

Major League Baseball: attendance map for 2009 regular season.

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Attendance dropped 6.58% for Major League Baseball in 2009.  {see this article,  from the Biz of Baseball site,  from October 5th, 2009}

Attendance was down for 22 of 30 Major League Baseball clubs.  There were only 8 teams with attendance increases.  They were Texas Rangers (+13.6%),  Florida Marlins (+12.7%),  Kansas City Royals (+12.4%),  Seattle Mariners (+5.7%),  Philadelphia Phillies (+5.2%);  Tampa Bay Rays (+3.9%),  Minnesota Twins (+3.7%),  Los Angelesw Dodgers (+0.8%).

Largest attendance decreases…Toronto Blue Jays (-21.8%),  Washington Nationals (-21.7%),  San Diego Padres (-20.8%),  Detroit Tigers (-19.9%),  Cleveland Indians (-17.6%),  Oakland Athletics (-15.4%),  Arizona Diamondbacks (-15.2%),  Cincinnati Reds (-15.1%),  Houston Astros (-10.4%).

Thanks to ESPN site for the attendance figures {click here}.  Thanks to MLB shop for the cap photos {click here}.

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