May 13, 2009

England: League One, 2008-’09 season. The 2 Promoted Clubs, and the 4 Playoff Clubs.


The top 6 clubs in the 2008-2009 English Football League One season are shown on the map.  On the right are the two automatically promoted clubs,  Leicester City FC and Peterborough United FC.   On the left are the four playoff clubs competing for the third promotion spot.  At the top right are the average attendances of the clubs on the map,  listed numerically in context of the league averages…2008-’09 League One average attendances {click here (Tony’s English Football site)}.

Here are the match-ups for the playoff semi-finals…

Scunthorpe United v. MK Dons, Friday 8 May;  MK Dons v. Scunthorpe United, Friday 15 May.  Result, 1st Leg:  Scunthorpe 1-1 MK Dons.

Millwall v. Leeds United, Saturday 9 May;  Leeds United v. Millwall, Thursday, 14 May.  Result, 1st Leg:  Millwall 1-1 Leeds.

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