October 24, 2013

Spain: 2013-14 La Liga location-map, with 2012-13 attendance data. / Plus, the new stadium of Athletic Club [Bilbao], San Mamés Barria. / Plus, photos of top 3 scorers & the top 3 on the assists table (after 9 games).

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Spain: 2013-14 La Liga Location-map, with 2012-13 attendance data

Note: to see my latest map-&-post of Spanish football, click on the following, category: Spain.

The following link shows 2 pie-charts which reveal one of the primary causes of the pronounced duopoly in Spanish football. In other words, there are several reasons why Real Madrid and FC Barcelona dominate La Liga to such an extent, but uneven distribution of television revenue is at the top of the list of causes for this disparity. A disparity, which, when combined with the absolutely dreadful economy in Spain, threatens the viability of first division Spanish football. From Imgur, ‘How TV money is shared in Spain and in England [2012 figures/illustration unattributred]‘ (

The record for most wins to start a Spanish first division season was set by Real Madrid, with 9 straight wins to open the 1968-69 La Liga season (Real Madrid won the title that season of 1968-69 by 19 points over second-place finishers UD las Palmas). This season [2013-14], both FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid started the season 8 and 0. Then both teams stumbled in the 9th week, with Barcelona being held scoreless for the first time in the league in two years (64 league games), by drawing 0-0 away to Osasuna; and with Atlético Madrid falling 1-0 away to Espanyol. Meanwhile, Real Madrid were 2-0 winners at home versus Málaga. So that leaves Real Madrid within just 3 points of Barcelona in first. Now on Saturday, 26 October 2013, FC Barcelona will host Real Madrid in the 167th league meeting between the two clubs. The derby match, the Spanish derby, is of course called El Clásico. In the league games between the two biggest and most successful clubs in Spain, Real Madrid (with 32 Spanish titles) have won 70, and Barcelona (with 22 Spanish titles) have won 64, and there have been 22 draws. Last season, in October 2012, there was a 2–2 draw in the first El Clásico at Nou Camp in Barcelona; then in Madrid in March 2013 at the Bernebeau, Real beat Barça 2-1, although Barcelona was in firm control of first place by that time (and Barcelona eventually went on to win the 2012-13 La Liga title by 15 points).
El Clásico‘ (

From, ‘El Clásico: Sid Lowe on the Barcelona v Real Madrid rivalry – video‘ [4:57 video hosted by Amy Lawrence] (

    New stadium in Bilbao, San Mamés Barria, opened September 2013 (still only partially constructed, and at 3-quarters capacity). Current capacity: 36,500. Eventual capacity [with full-stadium completion projected for September 2014]: 53,332 all-seated. Owner: city of Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.

Photo credits above -
Photo of construction at San Mamés from June 2013 uploaded by master_klon at, BILBAO – San Mamés Barria.
Photo of stadium from Sept.2013 (showing un-constructed section and interior of the constructed sections, from
Exterior photo of San Mamés Barria, at water-side by David Grijalba at
Exterior street-view photo of San Mamés Barria, from ‘GALERÍA DE FOTOS: EL ATHLETIC NO FALLA EN LA INAUGURACIÓN‘ (

From, from 5 Nov. 2013, by Antonio Mateo, ‘Diego Costa a “traitor” for choosing Spain over Brazil – Striker won’t represent hosts at World Cup‘ (

Top scorers in La Liga as of 23 Oct. 2013…
Diego Costa (Atlético Madrid), 10 goals.
Lionel Messi (Barcelona), 8 goals.
Christiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), 8 goals.
Photo and Image credits above –
LFP logo, from a banner at
D. Costa,
L. Messi, David Ramos/Getty Images Europe via
C. Ronaldo, Denis Doyle/Getty Images Europe via

Assists table leaders in La Liga as of 23 Oct. 2013…
Cesc Fàbregas (Barcelona), 6 assists.
Koke (Atlético Madrid), 6 assists.
Neymar (Barcelona), 5 assists.
Photo and Image credits above –
LFP logo, from a banner at
C. Fàbregas,
Neymar, David Ramos/Getty Images Europe via

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Thanks to official La Liga site for LFP logo, from a banner at
Thanks to the contributors to the pages at, ‘2013–14 La Liga‘;
and at, ‘Primera División de España 2013/14‘.
Thanks to NordNordWest at, for the blank map of Spain,

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