July 1, 2009

Canadian Football League, 2009.

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Defending CFL champions are the Calgary Stampeders,  who beat the Montreal Alouettes, 22-14,  in the 96th Grey Cup at Olympic Stadium in Montreal,  on November 23, 2008.  It was the Stampeders’ 6th Grey Cup Title,  and their first since 2001.  This season’s Grey Cup will be played at Calgary’s McMahon Stadium,  on November 29th.

CFL page at TSN [Canadian Sports Network]  {click here}.

Calgary Stampeders 2009 preview at TheCanadianFootball {click here}.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2009 preview {click here}.   Saskatchewan Roughriders 2009 preview {click here}.   [all the other teams' 2009 previews also at  ]  

The Canadian Football League’s 52nd season begins with Toronto at Hamilton,  and Montreal at Calgary, on July 1st,  which is a national holiday known as Canada Day (formerly Dominion Day),  and is the anniversary of the 1867 treaty {see this},  which united Canada into a single country of 4 provinces {see this map from the Atlas of Canada site}. 

Canada is now a federation comprised of 10 provinces and 3 territories. { See this map: Animation of the Territorial Evolution of Canada. }  The 10 provinces {see this from Wikipedia} are,  (from west to east):  British Columbia (1871),  Alberta (1905),  Saskatchewan (1905),  Manitoba (1870),  Ontario (1867),  Quebec (1867),  New Brunswick (1867),  Nova Scotia (1867),  Prince Edward Island (1873),  Newfoundland and Labrador (1949).   The 3 territories are (from west to east):  the Yukon Territory (1898),  the Northwest Territories (1870; partitioned in 1999),  Nunavut (1999) {see this].

Thanks to {click here}, for the base map of Canada.  Thanks to MG’s Helmets {click here},  for the helmets.   Thanks to Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Page {click here}.   Thanks to Logo Shak {click here}.   Thanks to this page, for the attendance figures {click here}.   Thanks to the contributors to the pages at Wikipedia (click here,  (set at Canadian Football League page)}.

Update: For the 1960′s-style rero helmets that the 8 teams are wearing for a few games…Thanks to MG’s Helmets {click here}.


  1. Bill
    I did some quick figuring and it looks like nearly .7% of Canada’s population attends their games each season: 234300 total average attendance per home game / 33,699,000 total poplulation from 2009 census = .00695, if I did the math right. That’s a pretty seizable percentage of the population. Any idea as to what the best attended league by percent of total population in the world is?</p>

    Response from Admin: Wow. Hmmm…off the top of my head, maybe Netherlands citizens attending Eredivisie matches. Thanks for the comment and the concept.

    Response from Admin: [a few hours later]: Dutch Eredivisie 08/09 avg. gate: 19,789 X 18 clubs = 356,202, divided by population of 16,500,000 = 0.0216. That is 2.2 % !

    Comment by Tim Landrum — July 1, 2009 @ 10:42 am

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