May 10, 2013

2011-12 World Football Attendances – Best Drawing Leagues (Chart of Top-20-drawing national leagues of association football) / Plus list of 35-highest drawing association football clubs in the world in 2011-12.

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Note: I have made a more recent post on world football attendance, here, World football attendance by domestic leagues (2013-14 or 2014 figures, primarily) – chart of the top 25 highest-drawing pro leagues of association football [aka football, aka futbol, aka soccer]./ Plus a very brief look at the 3 countries that have led in crowd-size through the years (England, then Italy, and now Germany)./ Plus the Indian Super League, which is now [2014] the fourth-highest-drawing football league in the world.

    2011-12 World Football Attendances – Best Drawing Leagues
    (Top-20-drawing national leagues of association football)


Expanded list, with list of 35-highest drawing association football clubs in the world in 2011-12..

    Click on image below for expanded list featuring the 35 clubs that drew over 40,000 per game in 2011-12.


List of 35-highest drawing association football clubs in the world in 2011-12.
Figures are average attendance for home domestic league matches in 2011-12 except Turkish Süper Lig, 2012-13 season [after 8 to 12 home matches]; European figures from; other clubs’ figures can be found at the links at the bottom of thiis post.
1. Borussia Dortmund (GER), 80,521.
2. Barcelona (SPA), 75,844.
3. Manchester United (ENG), 75,387.
4. Real Madrid (SPA), 74,564.
5. Bayern Munich (GER), 69,000.
6. Schalke 04 (GER), 61,179.
7. Arsenal (ENG), 60,000.
8. Club América (MEX), 58,375.
9. VfB Stuttgart (GER), 55,090.
10. Hamburger SV (GER), 53,465.
11.Hertha Berlin (GER), 53,449 [relegated to 2.Bundesliga in 2012].
12.Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER), 51,846.
13.Celtic (SCO), 50,904.
14.Ajax (NET), 50,147.
15.Newcastle United (ENG), 49,936.
16.Milan (ITA), 49,020.
17.FC Köln (GER), 47,482 [relegated to 2.Bundesliga in 2012].
18.Manchester City (ENG), 47,045.
19.Rangers (I) [Rangers FC Newco (II) relegated to Scottish fourth division in 2012].
20.Hannover 96 (GER), 44,826.
21.Internazionale (ITA), 44,806.
22.Feyenoord (NET), 44,605.
23.Liverpool FC (ENG), 44,253.
24.Seattle Sounders (III) (USA), 43,144.
25.Atlético Madrid (SPA), 43,038.
26.Paris Saint-Germain (FRA), 42,892.
27.Benfica (POR), 42,464.
28.FC Kaiserslautern (GER), 42,434 [relegated to 2.Bundesliga in 2012].
29.FC Nürnberg (GER), 41,968.
30.Chelsea (ENG), 41,478.
31.Galatasaray (TUR), 41,103.
32.Tigres de La UANL (MEX), 41,000.
33.Fenerbahçe (TUR), 40,813.
34.Werder Bremen (GER), 40,808.
35.Marseille (FRA), 40,445.

The May 2013 issue of World Soccer magazine featured a very interesting chart of the top 20 drawing association football leagues throughout the world. And, you know, the fact of the matter is that attendance figures for some association football leagues are very hard to find. Almost impossible, in some cases (because of corruption). Unfortunately, the sources for the attendance figures in World Soccer’s article in the May 2013 issue were not attributed. Unattributed. Wow. One would imagine a big publication like World Soccer would see fit to cite sources in this case – you know, like actually tell the reader where they got their attendance figures from. Because it is very hard to find attendance figures for some first division leagues. Go try finding attendance figures for the Mexican 1st division or the Argentine 1st division, for example. Because I am telling you that if you do try, you will almost certainly come up empty (except for finding very vague attendance estimates [notice all the repeating digits in the figures] at, or finding virtually no attendance figures at all from recent Liga MX seasons at

I re-did the list in a different style of chart and have added national flags and the names of the leagues. On the second chart (see above), I added all the clubs that drew over 40,000 per game in 2011-12 (34 football clubs and one soccer franchise [Seattle]). It looks like those 35 are the only association football teams in the world that drew over 40K per game in 2011-12 (based on attendances from home domestic league matches). Clubs that just missed out on reaching that 40,000 per game mark were… SSC Napoli (at 39,808 per game in 2011-12), Boca Juniors (at 39,683 per game in 2011-12), and Sunderland AFC (at 39,026 per game in 2011-12).
[Note, links for attendances are below.]

Main Source and other sources…
One definite source used for World Soccer’s list, for 12 of the 13 UEFA (European) leagues, was the invaluable

I am not saying that World Soccer used the following sources for their list, but for your own viewing, here are some sources for attendance figures for the other 8 leagues on the list -
Mexico (Liga MX),
USA/Canada (MLS), ‘Major League Soccer attendance‘ (
Argentina (Argentine Primera División),
Japan (J.League),
China (CSL),
Brazil (Campeonato Brasileiro Série A),
Turkey (Süper Lig), {league average that is slighly lower than the figure on the World Socer list (11,250 at Wikipedia versus 12,600 on the [unattributed] World Soccer list): ’2011–12 Süper Lig’ ( via; team-byteam / current 2012-13 Turkish Süper Lig attendances
[click on 'Turkey' at side-bar on far left].
Australia/New Zealand (A-League), {source of World Soccer list – ‘2011–12 A-League‘ ( / team-by-team lists,

Thanks to World Soccer magazine.
Thanks to

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