January 18, 2009

2008 NCAA Football Rankings- Final AP Poll, Top 10.

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Final AP Poll,  {
Click here (ESPN site) }.  17 of the 65 voters refused to go with the program,  and voted for a team other than the Florida Gators.  The Utah Utes received 17 (!) first-place votes,  and the USC Trojans got 1 vote.  What does this tell you ?  That the BCS system has solved nothing,  and there will never be a time when there is a completely undisputed National Champion in college football,  until playoffs are established.  But that would eat into the lucrative Bowl system.  There must be some way to work it out so that the Bowls stay intact, but a playoff system,  like between the top 8 ranked teams,  is implemented.

Kudos to the Mountain West,  a conference that is for so-called mid-Major programs,  but has produced the 2008 AP College Football  # 2 (Utah) and  # 7 (TCU)  teams. 

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