September 19, 2007

German Football-Bundesliga, Attendance map, 2006-07.

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German fans have it good.  The Bundesliga is full of gleaming sports palaces, and ticket prices are reasonable.  Last year’s World Cup brought a lot of stadium improvements.  Ticket prices are low because the clubs really are clubs, and the aim is recreational enjoyment for its members more than it is for profit.  Another nice thing is how close to the action the fans are.  In stadiums like Schalke’s Veltins Arena, Dortmund’s Westfalenstadion, and Munich’s new Allianz Arena, the stands are extremely close, and at a high angle.  It must be great for spectators.  It sure looks great on TV, as opposed to say, the Italian league, where it seems to be mandatory to have an ugly track oval separating the fans from the action.  I’m sorry, but is track and field that popular ?  I mean Manchester City made sure that track oval was gone once the Commonwealth Games were over. 

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