October 22, 2008

2008 Baseball World Series: Philadelphia Phillies, Team Roster with Birthplaces and Home Towns Listed.

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The map features the full 25-man Philadelphia Phillies World Series roster. The locations listed on the map are for where each Philadelphia Phillies player (and their manager) went to high school.  Instead of making this map one that records birthplaces,  I tried to make it better reflect where each player grew up (ie, their home town). 

Here are the 5 longest serving players on the Phillies…1. Pat Burrell, OF (since May 24, 2000).   2.  Jimmy Rollins, SS (since September 17, 2000).   3. Chase Utley, 3B (since April 4, 2003).   4. Ryan Madson, P (since September 27, 2003).   5. Ryan Howard, 1B (since September 1, 2004). 

It is interesting to note that two Phillies relief pitchers were born in the small north-central Illinois town of Spring Valley, a couple hours’ drive south-west of Chicago.   J.A. Happ ended up attending high school in neighboring Peru, Illinois;  Chad Durbin’s family moved down South when he was young,  and he attended high school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Also,  two Phillies players attended high schools in the same town, Moreno Valley,  in Riverside County, California (just east of Los Angeles:  reliever Ryan Madson,  and 3rd baseman Greg Dobbs.

I have added regular season statistics for each player.  During the baseball playoffs, baseball broadcasts usually don’t show the regular season stats for players in the course of the game.  After the first game of the post season, they will pretty much only show players’ current post season stats,  as if the regular season stats no longer are relevant.   So,  for the pitchers,  there are individual numbers for W-L, ERA, Walks,  and Strikeouts;  for the position players,  there are the numbers for Batting Average,  Home Runs, and Runs Batted In.  I could not squeeze in stats like games played,  innings pitched,  and on-base percentage,  but you can get full  Philadelphia Phillies Regular Season statistics here… {Click here (USA Today site) }.  Tampa Bay Rays Regular Season statistics here {Click here}. 

Thanks to the contributors to the Wikipedia pages of the Philadelphia Phillies {Click here},  and the Tampa Bay Rays {Click here}.

Thanks to Baseball Cube {Click here}. 

Thanks to Diamond Mind Baseball/ SAT Repository site  {Click here},  for linking to this post.


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  2. Nice article. Thanks.

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  3. Wow! This is a bit of information. This will surely help me know my favorite players.

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  4. Response to comment 3: Thanks. Hope the Phils have a good season. Btw, I have an MLB attendance map (2010 home attendances) to be posted in late March.

    Comment by admin — February 17, 2011 @ 11:43 am

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