October 15, 2008

NCAA Division I Football: Map- The 44 highest drawing teams (from 2007 attendance figures).

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I wanted to keep on going to 66 teams.  But my computer froze up and shut down, announcing that the drawing program did not have enough memory.  I guess these photos of the helmets that I use take up lots of  memory.  This happened right as I was adding the 44th team.  When I rebooted, I was able to finish that,  but I decided to stop at 44…turns out that this was the cut-off point for teams averaging +50,000 per game.  So I decided to take that as a sign, and stop there.    

The Texas Longhorns are #1,  supplanting the Oklahoma Sooners…{Click here}.  AP College Football Poll,  {Click here}. 

For the complete list of Average Attendance of all 119 NCAA Division I Football teams (in a pdf file),  {Click here}.

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