September 5, 2008

Primera Division Argentina: 2008 Apertura map.

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In the Primera Division Argentina, the two newly promoted clubs are both from the interior of the country, and both have won no major titles.

Godoy Cruz are from the city of that name, in Mendoza Province, which is in the Cuyo Region of west-central Argentina {Click here, for Wikipedia’s entry on the Cuyo}.  The city’s population is around 183,000.    San Martin de Tucuman are from San Miguel de Tucuman, the largest city in northern Argentina (with a population of around 525,000).  It is the capital of the province of Tucuman {Click here}.  Tucuman Province features high, arid mountains in the western half, and dry plains in the east. 

San Martin de Tucuman have played 20 seasons in Argentina’s top tier.  The 2008-’09 season will be their 21st.  They played 18 seasons (1968-1985) in the old Campeonato Nacional (which was replaced by European-style seasons starting in 1985-’86).  The club also played in 2 more recent seasons in the Primera Division:  in the 1988-’89 season;  and in the 1992 Apertura and the 1993 Clausura (these two comprising the “whole” 1992-’93 season).  The 1989-’90 season was a “full” 38 game season.  The Argentine system of Apertura and Clausura “half” seasons (of 19 games) was implemented in the latter half of 1990, and continues to this day.  Each 19-game season, Apertura or Clausura, stands on it’s own, with a seperate title, yet is counted as half of a single season (meaning the league has just started the 08/09 season).  Relegations and promotions are implemented only after the Clausura, in the June of each year.

San Martin de Tucuman are not to be confused with San Martin de San Juan.  San Martin de Tucuman wear red-and-white vertical striped kits;  the just relegated San Martin de San Juan wear green-and-black striped kits.  [San Juan is about 375 miles south west of Tucuman.]

Godoy Cruz, who sport blue-and-white striped kits, are back in the top flight for their second season, after a year in the Argentine Primera Nacional B division.   The club was first promoted after the 2006 Clausura, and played in the Primera Division for the 2006 Apertura, and the 2007 Clausura, before losing in the Promocion playoff to Huracan, in June ’07. 

Primera Division Argentina current table {Click here (Soccerway site) }.

As to qualification for the 2009 Copa Libertadores {Click here.}, 2 of 5 Argentine clubs have qualified so far:  2007 Apertura winners Lanus (it was their first title),  and 2008 Clausura winners River Plate (their 34th title; their 33rd title since the professional era began in 1931).  The winner of the current season (’08 Apertura) will qualify,  as will the best two other clubs based on the last one and a half seasons (’07 Apertura, ’08 Clausura, and ’08 Apertura).  {Click here, for the list of all the South American and Mexican clubs that have qualified for the 2009 Copa Libertadores (from Wikipedia).}

Thanks to the Hasta El Gol Siempre site, for  information, and corrections {Click here}.

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