September 8, 2008

Major League Baseball: the National League East- Map and Chart.

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Major League Baseball’s National League East Division is made up of two franchises who date back to the nineteenth century (the Atlanta Braves, originally from Boston;  and the Philadelphia Phillies);  two ball clubs which were expansion franchises from the 1960s (the New York Mets;  and the Washington Nationals, originally from Montreal, Canada);  and a club that was an expansion franchise from the 1990s (the Florida Marlins).

{Click here for ball club histories and photos (The Sports E-Cyclpedia site).}

NL East Division Auxillary Chart: Click on image below.


Thanks to the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Dressed to the Nines” site, which features baseball uniforms templates drawn by Marc Okkonen {Click here}.

Thanks to Chris Creamer’s Sports Logo Page {Click here}.   Thanks to Logo Shak {Click here}.  

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