July 3, 2008

Major League Baseball: the American League Central- Map and Chart.

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Major League Baseball’s AL Central Division is made up of 4 charter members of the American League, three of which have remained in the same city since 1901; plus an expansion team from the late 1960′s. 

The Chicago White Stockings, the Cleveland Blues, the Detroit Tigers and the Washington Senators were all founding members of the American League.   Chicago changed their name to the White Sox in 1904;  Cleveland became the Indians in 1915.  The first Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins, when the Senators moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1961 (although the city of Washington D.C. was concurrently granted an expansion team, the second Washington Senators, that began play also in 1961 [and later moved to Arlington, Texas, in 1972, as the Rangers].   The Kansas City Royals were an expansion team from 1969 (one of four that year;  the other three were the Seattle Pilots, the San Diego Padres, and the Montreal Expos).

{Click here, for team histories and photos (Sports E-cyclopedia site).}

AL Central Auxillary Chart, with each ball club’s uniforms evolution: Click on the image below, to see the full chart…


 Thanks to the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Dressed to the Nines” site, which features uniform templates drawn by Marc Okkonen.

Thanks to , which features Chris Creamer’s Logo Page.

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