June 22, 2008

Major League Baseball: the National League Central- Map and Chart.

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The National League Central Division is made up of four long-time NL franchises (the Chicago Cubs, the Cincinnati Reds, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the St. Louis Cardinals), plus two franchises that were formed in the 1960′s (the Houston Astros, and the Milwaukee Brewers (who were originally the Seattle Pilots)).

The Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis ball clubs all date back to the nineteenth century.  The Chicago Cubs are the only charter member of the National League (established 1876) that has remained in the same city, continuously.

**Click on the image below, for the NL Central Auxillary Chart, which shows selected uniforms and logos from each ball club’s past. Click below…


**{For team histories, and photos, click here (Sports E-cyclopedia  site.}

Thanks to the SSUR site (  Thanks to the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Dressed to the Nines” site (click here}, which features team uniform templates by Marc Okkonen.

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