May 18, 2008

Major League Baseball: the American League West- Map and Chart.

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Major League Baseball’s American League West is the only division with just 4 teams in it (four of the other five MLB divisions have 5 teams, and the National League Central has 6 teams).

The division comprises the Los Angeles Angels {click here, for photos and club history};  the Oakland Athletics {click here, for photos and club history};  the Seattle Mariners {click here, for photos and club history};  and the Texas Rangers {click here, for photos and club history}.                                    [These links are to the Sports E-cyclopedia site.]

The Oakland A’s franchise began in 1901, as the Philadelphia Athletics, a founding member of the American League {click here, for photos and club history}.  The Athletics franchise moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1955 {click here, for photos and club history};  and Oakland, California, in 1968.





**Click below, for the MLB-AL West Auxiliary Chart, which shows a selection each ball club’s uniforms and logos through the years.


Thanks to the SSUR site:  (  Thanks to:  Chris Creamer’s Logo site;  the Logo Shak site;  the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s Dressed to the Nines site.  Thanks to Mark Okkonen, for the historical baseball uniform templates (in the Dressed to the Nines uniform database).   

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