April 27, 2008

Germany: Bundesliga, 2007-08 Season-Zoom Map.

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[Note: to see my most recent map-&-post of Bundesliga, click on the the following, category: Germany.

On this map, in deference to the quite impressive attendance figures of the Bundesliga,  I have included a column listing percentage of capacity, on the average attendances list.  Those Germans really know how to pack ‘em in.  Plus their stadia generally seem to be very fan-friendly, with almost zero ugly track-and-field ovals, good site lines, and seats right up on top of the action.  And this being Germany, after all, I am quite sure that the beverages are top notch.  Plus, I understand that the ticket prices are very reasonable.   With all these incentives,  fans flock to Bundesliga matches…ten clubs are averaging over 40,000 per game (and 3 clubs in Bundesliga-2: FC Koln,  Borussia Monchengladbach,  and 1860 Munich,  are averaging over 37,000 per game). 

This map shows all the German Tiltles, since 1903,  although there was no unified pro football league in Germany until 1963-’64.  That was when the Fussball-Bundesliga was formed.

Up until that point, football in post-war Germany was divided into 5 separate leagues, or Oberligen (meanwhile, Soviet-occupied East Germany had it’s own, corrupt,  league).  In West Germany, there were the North,  South,  West,  Southwest,  and Berlin Oberligen.

In 1962, the decision was made to consolidate, in emulation of the English Football League structure.  46 clubs applied for membership in the new, nationwide, top tier.  16 were selected, on basis of prior achievements  {see this, from Wikipedia}.  The Bundesliga began in the autumn of 1963.

Since then only one team has remained in the Bundesliga continuously:  Hambuger SV  (usually called Hamburg, in the English-speaking world,  probably because no one wants to conjure up the image of a ground beef sandwich).  But this club from that northern port city has not won the crown for 25 years running.  

Since the Bundesliga’s formation, one club has stood out, in terms of success:  FC Bayern Munchen  (ie, Bayern Munich).  Again, this season, the giant club from Bavaria will win the championship.  It will be their 21st German Title, and, amazingly, their 20th Bundesliga crown.  That will amount to 20 Bundesliga Titles, out of a total of 45 Bundesliga seasons.  And their success now has a shining new monument (literally):  the Allianz Arena  {see this imagesee this Wikipedia entry}.   It has been sold out the entire season.

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