July 1, 2011

France: final table of 2010-11, with clubs playing in Europe in UEFA competitions for 2011-12 / Plus location of clubs in 2011-12 Ligue 1, with attendance data.

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France: Ligue Un clubs playing in Europe for 2011-12

Note: to see my latest map-&-post of Ligue Un, click on the following: category: France.

This post has 2 charts – one chart, above, that features all 6 clubs from France that qualified for Europe in 2011-12; and the second chart, further on down, which includes a location-map of the 2011-12 Ligue 1 season and attendance data for the 20 clubs.

The chart page, which you can see by clicking on the image above, shows the 6 clubs in France that will play in Europe in 2011-12, including the 2 clubs – Lille OSC and Olympique de Marseille – who have automatically qualified for the lucrative promised land of the UEFA Champions League Group Stage. Lille won their first title in 57 years. And by winning the Coupe de France title, Lille became the 16th French club to win the double. Lille’s Rudi Garcia bucked the stereotype of the ultra-cautious, clean-sheet-obsessed French manager by having Les Dogues play with an attacking style. And so for the second straight year, Lille had the most goals scored in Ligue 1. Featured on the chart page is top scorer in the league, FW Moussa Sow, a Senegalese international, who netted 25 times. There are also photos of 3 other Lille players instrumental in their scoring onslaught…Côte d’Ivoire international FW Gervinho (who scored 14 times and accumulated 10 assists); MF Yohan Cabaye (9 assists); and Belgian international MF Eden Hazard (8 assists) [note: Cabaye was transferred to Newcastle United this off-season]. If I had more room, I would have added a photo of Lille’s goalkeeper Mickaël Landreau, whose shot-stopping ability was crucial to Lille’s title run. The photo of Rudi Garcia (who played for Lille as a midfielder from 1982 to 1988) was taken right after the final whistle had blown after Lille’s final match, in Paris, and Lille had clinched the title with a 2-1 win over PSG.

I have included an architects’ rendering of Lille’s new Grande Stade Lille Métropole, projected for a summer of 2012 opening, as well as a photo of the ongoing construction of the ~50,000-capacity stadium. So after the 2011-12 season, Lille will finally say good riddance to the inadequate and running-track-scarred Stadium Lille-Métropole, which only held 17,700. This, combined with the fact that Lille finally won a national title in the modern era, may signal a bit of a shift in the balance of power in French football…because if Lille can continue their fine form and regularly fill that new stadium, Les Dogues won’t have to sell players like Yohan Cabaye and (possibly) Eden Hazard, and Gervinho – because all that ticket revenue will allow Lille to afford such top-shelf talent.

Below is a graphic depiction of the formation, in 1944, of Olympique Sporting Club Lille Métropole, featuring old club crests – Click below for a larger image…


Old Lille OSC crests from this page at the following site:

Below: attendance data from 2010-11, and location-map of clubs in the 2011-12 Ligue 1 – Click below for a larger image…



Photo credits -
Lille… Photo of construction on new stadium (Grande Stade Lille Métropole) from, here. Architect’s rendering of Grande Stade Lille Métropoe from, here. Background art of architect’s rendering, here. Interior photo of Stadium Lille Métropole from, here.

Photo of Moussa Sow by Bob Edme/AP via, here. Photo of Gervinho from, here. Photo of Yohan Cabaye by Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe via, here. Photo of Eden Hazard from, here.

Photo of Rudi Garcia from Getty Images via, here. Photo of new 2011-1 Lille home jersey from, here. Aerial photo of Stadium Lille Métropole from [Collection of Postcards of French football stadiums].

Olympique de Marseille… Photo of main stand at Stade Vélodrome with fans spelling out ‘O-M’ with placards by Fred GLLS at, here. Exterior photo of Stade Vélodrome at night from, here. Aerial image of Stade Vélodrome from, here.

Olympigue Lyon…Photo of Lyon ultras at Stade Gerland from Lyon v. Schalke UEFA CL match [14 Sept. 2010] by S. Guiochon/Le Progres via, here. Photo of the interior of Stade Gerland from Ticket$, here. Aerial image of Stade Gerland from’s Eye satellite view, here.

Paris Saint-Germain…Photo of PSG ultras Boulogne Boys by ngari.norway at, here. Exterior photo of Parc des Princes by at, here. Aerial photo of Parc des Princes from, here.

FC Sochaux…Interior photo during a match at Stade Auguste Bonal from, here. Interior photo of Stade Auguste Bonal by Arnaud 25 at, here. Aerial photo of Stade Auguste Bonal from, here.

Rennes…Interior photo of Stadee de la Route de Lorient by Kuso at, here. Exterior ground-level photo of Stade de la Route de Lorient from, here. Aerial photo of Stade de la Route de Lorient from, here.

Thanks to the contributors to the pages at, ‘2010-11 Ligue 1‘.
Thanks to E-F-S site, for attendances.
Thanks to European football Club Logos site at
Thanks to, for the base map of France, Demis Web Map Server.

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