June 6, 2011

Germany: final table of 2010-11, with clubs playing in Europe in UEFA competitions for 2011-12 / Plus, map with locations of clubs in 2011-12 Bundesliga, with attendance data.

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Top of the table -2010-11 Bundesliga/German clubs playing in Europe for 2011-12

From When Saturday, by John van Laer, from 6 June 2011, ‘A good year for the underdog in the Bundesliga‘.

This post is part of a new category I have started up…it will be listed in my Categories section under ‘UEFA-Clubs that qualified for Europe’. There is a chart page with illustrations, and on another page there is a map with attendance data.

Basically the chart page shows the final table of the league, with all clubs who have qualified for UEFA European competitions featured. In other words, the charts will feature all the clubs from the given country who have qualified for Europe – in either the UEFA Champions League Group Stage (in this case, 1st and 2nd place finishers in the 2010-11 Bundesliga – Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen)…or the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds (in this case, Bayern Munich)…or the UEFA Europa League qualifying rounds (in this case, Hannover 96 and Mainz, plus Schalke 04). Usually that will literally mean the clubs that finished at the top of the standings, but in the case here, FC Schalke 04 will be playing in Europe despite finishing 14th in the league, because Schalke won the DFB-Pokal title (ie, the German Cup title).
2011-12 UEFA Champions League, Round and draw dates {here (}.
2011-12 UEFA Europa League, Round and draw dates {here}.

On the right-hand side of the chart page are stadia photos and club information for all the clubs who have qualified for Europe. The title winner gets twice the space for photos, and I have included the three Borussia Dortmund players who accumulated the most goals and assists.- Parguayan national Lucas Barrios, and two young German midfielderrs who racked up a decent amount of goals and assists last season, Mario Götze and Kevin Großkreutz. If I had more pixel-space I would have shown more Dortmund players who were key to the club’s surprise championship, like the Japanese striker Shinji Kagawa, and the German-born Turkish international and midfield wizard Nuri Şahin. I did include a photo of the Dortmund manager, Jürgen Klopp, showing off the silverware. Plus I stumbled across Dortmund’s snazzy new 2011-12 home jersey, so I tossed that in too.

One note about Dortmund’s manager Jürgen Klopp…before getting the Dortmund job, he made his name bringing Mainz up to the Bundesliga (for the first time) 6 seasons ago…and now Mainz has continued to punch above their weight after Klopp’s departure (in 2008), with the small club from Rhineland-Palatinate having qualified via league placement for Europe for the first time (Mainz have been in Europe before – getting a UEFA Cup qualifying spot in 2005-06, via the Fair Play draw). And Mainz are about to move into a new, ~33,000-capacity ground, so Mainz supporters are living the dream right now. I included a photo of the new ground, the Coface Arena, under construction. It is scheduled to open in July – {here is a thread with more photos}.

The second gif, below, shows the locations of the 18 clubs in the 2011–12 Fußball-Bundesliga season {which will begin on the weekend of 5th to 7th August, see this}. Listed are these 18 clubs’ 2010-11 average attendances, their 2010-11 percent capacity, and their percentage change in average attendance versus the previous season. The two promoted clubs, Hertha Berlin and FC Augsburg, are included in the list. [Note - Borussia Mönchengladbach beat VfL Bochum in the promotion/relegation play-off, so there are only 2 clubs promoted to Bundesliga for the second straight year].


I will make posts like this for the 5 biggest leagues in Europe. Coming up soon, in addition to Germany’s Bundesliga, there will be Top of the table charts for England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, and France’s Ligue Un.

Thanks to the contributors to the pages at, ‘2011–12 Fußball-Bundesliga‘.
Thanks to, for the base map of Germany, Demis Web Map Server.
Thanks to E-F-S site, for attendance figures.
Thanks to for the Champions League icon.
Thanks to Dale for the idea {here, comment #5}.

Photo credits on chart page -
Dortmund… Photo of full south stand (Die Südtribüne) from, here. Photo of Dortmund fans in stands with banners from, article on English fans of Dortmund, ‘ “We’ve always had a soft spot for Dortmund” ‘. Photo of yellow pylon by Mdortmund at, here.
Lucas Barrios photo from Getty Images via, here. Mario Götze photo from, here. Kevin Großkreutz photo from, here. Jürgen Klopp photo from, here.
New 2011-12 Dortmund jersey image from, here. Aerial photo of Signal Iduna Park from, here.

Leverkusen…Aerial photo of BayArena from Exterior photo of BayArena by H005 at, here. Photo of Leverkusen fans with banners from,here.

Bayern…Photo of Bayern fans with banners from Getty Images via, here. Close-up photo of exterior lighted panels of Alianz Arena by Marco Döhr at Exterior photo of Allianz Arena from [free architecture guide], here.

Hannover 96…Photo of Hannover fans with scarves by Maabpaa at, here. Photo of interior of AWD-Arena by hack man at, here.Aerial photo of AWD-Arena from this site:

Mainz…Photo of new stadium (Coface Arena) under construction from, here. Interior photo of Stadion am Bruchweg from, here. Aerial photo of Stadion am Bruchweg from, here.

Schalke 04…Photo of Schalke fans with banners at Veltins-Arena from thread, here. Interior photo of Veltins-arena from, here. Aerial photo of Veltins-Arena from official site of the facility,

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