March 16, 2011

2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament, Second Round map (64 teams), with team attendances.

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Click on image below for the full-page map of the ’2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Second Round (64 teams), with team attendances’
2011 March Madness, Second Round map (32 teams)

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I have to admit that I was so caught up in getting the 68-team Tournament map out as quickly as I could, that I failed to notice how the new expanded field of 68, and the Play-in games, have messed with traditional Tournament bracket pools and March Madness picks. That is because 4 of the 8 teams in the Play-in games are not 16th-seeds, but instead are 11th or 12th seeds. Most everyone who follows the NCAA Basketball Tournament knows no 16th seed has ever beaten a #1 seed, so putting 4 significantly higher seeds in the preliminaries, and having one of those games end close to midnight (Eastern Time), just over 12 hours before the 64-team field begins play the following day…well, that has turned the process of being in a Tournament bracket pool from a fun thing to something more like a chore. Because if you are serious about winning the bracket pool you’re in, you probably want to have that USC-or-VCU spot down correctly, and not just guess on it, since it looks like most Tournament bracket pools are by-passing the Play-in games, yet most Tournament bracket pools’ deadlines will still be on Thursday morning. That means the bracket-player on the East Coast who doesn’t want to risk starting the Tournament bracket pool already-one-result-wrong has to stay up until almost midnight, find out who won that last Play-in game, then rush to submit that bracket by the next morning. Like I said, it’s more like work than play now to be in a Tournament bracket pool – on the East Coast, at least. Why couldn’t the NCAA have the 11th and 12th seed Play-in games on Tuesday? I mean, they know how many people are involved in Tournament bracket pools. Who’s kidding who – bracket pools made the Tournament what it is today.

The map shows the 64 team field. On the far right of the map page are all the 68 teams’ average attendances from last season (2009-10 season). [I would have listed 2010-11 average attendances, but the NCAA does not release the current-season attendance figures until May]. I decided to include the attendances of the 4 teams that were eliminated in the Play-in round…they are listed in light gray, and their logos have been removed from the map itself. In the next two maps – the map of Third Round (32 teams); and the map of the Regional Semifinals, aka Sweet Sixteen (16 teams), I will continue this procedure.

Thanks to the contributors to the pages at en.wikipedia,org, ‘2010 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament‘.
Attendances from, here.

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