September 8, 2010

2010-11 UEFA Champions League, Group Stage – Attendance map (figures from 2009-10 domestic leagues).

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1st matchday for 2010-11 UEFA Champions League is 14th and 15th September. Here is an article from the UEFA site, ‘Fresh Look to Elite‘.
Thanks to the contributors to the pages at, 2010-11 UEFA Champions League/Group Stage.

December 9, 2009

UEFA Champions League 2009-10, 1st Knockout Round (16 teams).

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From UEFA site: ‘Draw picks Chelsea return for Mourinho’,  {click here}.
Here are the 9 clubs that are returning to the 2009-10 edition of the UEFA Champions League Knockout Stage…

Arsenal,  Barcelona,  Bayern Munich,  Chelsea,  Internazionale,  Lyon,  Manchester United,  Porto,  and Real Madrid.    

Thanks to the UEFA site {click here}.   Thanks to the contributors to the pages at {click here (set at Champions League page)}.   Thanks to ,  for jerseys.   Thanks to Eurosport {click here},  for jerseys.   Thanks to FC Girondins de Bordeaux site,  for jerseys {click here}.   Thanks to for jerseys.  

September 12, 2009

UEFA Champions League 2009-10, Group Stage, with clubs’ average attendances from their domestic leagues.

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UEFA site/Champions League page: {click here}.

2009-10 UEFA Champions League Group stage begins 15th and 16th September.   The headline-grabbing match on Tuesday the 15th is Olympique Marseille (France) v. AC Milan (Italy).  The marquee matchup on Wednesday the 16th is Internazionale (Italy) v.  FC Barcelona (Spain).

The matches involving the 5 clubs from Great Britain…15th Sept., Besiktas JK (Turkey) v. Manchester United (England);   Chelsea (England) v. FC Porto (Portugal).    16th Sept.,  Liverpool (England) v. Debrecen (Hungary);   Standard Liège (Belgium) v. Arsenal (England);   VfB Stuttgart (Germany) v. Rangers (Scotland). 

There are 15 clubs returning to the Champions League Group stage this season.  [Last year there were 19 returning clubs.]  The returning clubs this season are listed by country here,  in the order of the country’s current UEFA co-efficient League ranking.  1. all 4 English clubs returning: Arsenal,  Chelsea,  Liverpool,  and Manchester United.  2. 3 of the 4 same Spanish clubs returning: Atlético Madrid,  Barcelona, and Real Madrid.  3. 3 of the 4 same Italian clubs returning:  Fiorentina,  Inter,  and Juventus.  4. None of the 3 same German clubs from last year returning.  5.  all 3 French clubs returning:  Bordeaux,  Lyon,  and Marseille.  6. None of the same 2 Russian clubs returning from last year [note: Russia now has 3 possible Champions League places].  7. 1 of the Ukrainian clubs returning: Dynamo Kyiv.  8. None of the same Dutch clubs from last year returning.   9. None of the same Romanian clubs from last year returning.  10. 1 Portuguese club returning: FC Porto.  11. None of the same Greek clubs returning.  12. None of the same Scottish clubs retuning.  [Note...countries ranked 7-12 have 2 possible Champions League places.]  

Current ranking of countries for 2010-11 UEFA competitions,  {click here}.   

Thanks to the contributors to the pages at {click here (set at 2009-10 Champions League)}.   Thanks to UEFA site {click here}.   Thanks to .

February 24, 2009

2008-’09 UEFA Champions League, Knockout Round.

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[Disclaimer: no new content on this post.]  Click on the following title for the map: championsleague08-09_knockout-round_r.gif .    UEFA site/ Champions League page, {click here}.

Thanks to the European Football Statistics site for the attendance figures {click here  (set to the page with 2008-2009 Champions League attendance figures}.   Thanks to and to  ,  for the kits.

December 9, 2008

2008-’09 UEFA Champions League, 1st Knockout Round: Map and Club Profiles.

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Here are all 16 clubs that have qualified for the next stage of the 2008-’09 Champions League.   

In some cases,  I utilized kits templates from the Switch Image site  {Click here}.  Excellent, highly detailed renderings of kits can be found on this site.  The Portuguese clubs kits are from this site,  as well as the Italian clubs’ kits,   most of the Spanish clubs’ kits,  Lyon,  Bayern Munich,  and the Man. U. and Liverpool change strips.   The rest of the kits are from the Colours of Football site {Click here}.   

UEFA site,  {Click here}.

October 21, 2008

UEFA Competitions, 21st through 23rd October, 2008: Champions League Group Stage, Matcday 3; UEFA Cup Group Stage, Matchday 1.

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Note: The two maps are old content; new content can be seen in the assemblage below.  For best viewing of the Gallery below, click on the image below, then click once more after the gallery appears on it’s own page.


On Wednesday,  in Champions League Group G  {see standings here},  Arsenal visits the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey to face Fenerbahce {Click here, for a photo gallery from the WSoccer site}.  The Sukru Saracoglu Stadium,  which has had all four stands completely rebuilt in the last decade, will host this season’s UEFA Cup Final in May, 2009.

Thanks to erkagunes,  at {Click here};  thanks to {Click here};  thanks to {Click here}.

September 14, 2008

2008-09 UEFA Champions League: Attendance Map.

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There are 19 clubs, from 07/08, that are returning to the 08/09 Champions League Group Stage.  All 5 British clubs: England’s Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea;  and Scotland’s Celtic;  2 Spanish clubs: Real Madrid,  and Barcelona; 2 Italian clubs: Internazionale,  and Roma;  2 French clubs: Lyon,  and Marseille;  2 Portuguese clubs: Porto,  and Sporting;  2 Ukrainian clubs: Shakhtar Donetsk,  and Dynamo Kyiv;  Germany’s Werder Bremen;  the Netherlands’ PSV Eindhoven;  Turkey’s Fenerbahce;  and Romania’s Steaua Bucharest.   To see the 07/08 Champions League attendances, by club: {Click here (European Football Statistics site) }.

Here is the UEFA site’s 08/09 Champions League page {Click here}.

Here is Wikipedia’s page on the 08/09 Group Stage.  I set it at a chart showing the seeding structure (determined by each club’s co-efficient rating);  scroll down for the Groups, etc. {Click here}.

Here are ESPN Soccernet‘s profiles of all 32 clubs in the 08/09 Champions League {Click here).

Thanks to the European Football Statistics site, for the attendance figures {Click here}.

Thanks to the Albion Road site, for featuring this map

Thanks to SoccerLens, for linking up to this map

March 31, 2008

European Competitions: 2007-’08 Champions League, Quarter-Finals ; 2007-’08 UEFA Cup, Quarter-Finals.

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I already posted this map, but since the Champions League Quarter-Finals are being played Tuesday and Wednesday, I thought I’d put it up again.  (Have no fear, though…there is new content below.)

Click here, for the Champions League matchups (UEFA site).


The map now shows the last 8 clubs in the UEFA Cup.  As with the Champions League map, I have added club stats, and home and away kits.

Click here, for the UEFA Cup matchups {uefa[dot]com}.

Thanks to for the kits.

March 11, 2008

2007-’08 Champions League, Quarter-Finals (the final 8 clubs).

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The Champions League has been pared down from 16 clubs to 8, for the Quarter-Finals.

This is the first time 4 of the 8 clubs left are from England.

Click here, for the UEFA CL page.

I have added stats on each of the 8 clubs, plus home and away kits.

Last Tuesday, March 4, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Fenerbahce advanced.

Wednesday, March 5, Chelsea, Roma, and Schalke advanced.  And on Tuesday, March 11, Liverpool advanced.

The draw for the Quarter-Finals will be held on Friday, March 14.  Click here, for Wikipedia’s entry on the CL Quarter-Finals, which includes leading goalscorers for the competition

Thanks to for the kits.

February 19, 2008

2007-’08 Champions League- Round Of 16 (Knockout Round), February/ March 2008.

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The Champions League resumes this week, with the first leg of the Round of 16.  Here are the matchups.ch_lge1.gif

ESPN2 is showing Liverpool v. Inter Milan on Tuesday, and Arsenal v. AC Milan on Wednesday;  ESPN Classic is showing AS Roma v. Real Madrid on delay, on Tuesday.  So I thought I’d put together a couple little charts on these 3 Italian clubs (plus Lazio, who share a stadium with Roma).   Click on the 2 titles below, for the 2 thumbnail charts…



Thanks to for the kits.

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