December 26, 2007

Football Clubs of South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and surrounding area.

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With the exception of Doncaster and Barnsley, the clubs on this map are currently in varying degrees of doldrums.  Leeds has turned the corner, and will probably get back to the 2nd Level by season’s end.  But how far Leeds United has fallen, since playing in the Champions League Semi-Final in 2001, can be seen simply by the small size of their kit on the map.  This is a club with an historically huge fan base, and as recently as 2001, they drew 39,000 per game.  Leeds sits third in the 3rd division, on Boxing Day.   The two Sheffield clubs look like they’ll be spending another season in the second tier, so their fans will be assured of displaying their mutual loathing twice next season.  Sheffield United are in 11th, in the 2nd division; Sheffield Wednesday are just above the drop zone there, in 21st place.   Bradford has the unwanted distinction of currently leading the 4th Level in attendance (13,500), after being relegated last season, then slashing ticket prices.  Bradford City sits 15th, in the 4th division. 

Now that I think about it, Huddersfield isn’t really doing that bad, but I’m sure their respectably sized fan base feels that a club of their (medium) size and history (3 National Titles, and 1 FA Cup, all between 1922-26) deserves to be in a higher level than League One (3rd Level).  Huddersfield Town sit 12th, in the 3rd division.    Barnsley have spent 66 seasons at the Second Level, more than any other club.  Barnsley sit 12th, in the 2nd division.   Doncaster has went from non-league to the upper half of the 3rd Level, in 5 seasons.  Plus, they have a nice new ground, The Keepmoat Stadium.  Doncaster Rovers sit in the playoff places, at 6th, in the 3rd division.   Rotherham was in the second tier 3 years ago, but financial difficulties have dropped them to the 4th Level.  Rotherham United sit in the playoff places, at 5th, in the 4th division. 

I included the two clubs in northern Derbyshire and northern Nottinghamshire, because of their proximity to South Yorkshire.  Chesterfield was relegated to the 4th Level last season, but could bounce back.  Chesterfield sit in the playoff places, at 5th, in the 4th division.    Mansfield might be relegated out of the League.  Mansfield Town sit second from last (23rd), in the 4th division.

As with my last posting, this map shows the 2006-07 average attendances by the size of the clubs’ kit.  The larger the club’s average gate, the larger the kit is on the map.

2006-07 Average attendance.  (Clubs listed numerically in ranking, within the context of the entire 92-club English Football League).  

12. Sheffield United: 30,512 average attendance.   18. Sheffield Wednesday:  23,638.  25. Leeds United: 21,613.   42. Barnsley: 12,773.   45. Huddersfield Town: 10,573.   48. Bradford City: 8,694.   51. Doncaster Rovers: 7,746.   76. Rotherham United: 4,673.   81. Chesterfield: 4,235.    84. Mansfield Town: 3,176. 

This is the anniversary of the fire at the Valley Parade ground, in Bradford, in 1985, in which 56 were killed.  See this article, on the Pitch Invasion site.


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