October 31, 2020

2020-21 FA Cup, 1st Round: location-map, with fixtures; with attendances from the previous season./+ Illustrations for the 3 clubs which are making their FA Cup 1st Round debuts…Cray Valley (PM) FC, King’s Lynn Town FC, South Shields FC (III).

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2020-21 FA Cup: location-map, with fixtures; with attendances from the previous season

By Bill Turianski on 31 October 2020;
-The competition…FA Cup (
-BBC’s page on the competition…

First Round matches are set for Friday the 6th through Monday the 9th of November.
The opening match on Friday the 6th will feature the lowest-placed club still alive in the competition, 9th-level side Skelmersdale United of Lancashire. Skelmersdale play in the North West Counties League, and are the first NWCL club to reach the First Round in 23 years (since 1997). Skelmersdale will travel to North Yorkshire to play Harrogate Town (who are a 4th-division side newly promoted to the Football League for the first time). This match will be televised {televised matches, here}.

The map page has a new template…the map now features only England & Wales (I have cropped out Scotland). I did this to give the map-area more space.

And I sure was glad I did make the map larger, when I saw the results of the Fourth Qualifying Round. Because there are two examples of clubs qualifying for this year’s FA Cup 1st Round that are located less than 3 miles apart…
•Two clubs have qualified from Canvey Island, on the north shore of the Thames Estuary in Essex. Both Concord Rangers FC (a 6th-tier club in the National League South) and Canvey Island FC (an 8th-level club in the Isthmian League North) have qualified for the 1st Round. As near as I could ascertain, these two clubs’ grounds are around 1.7 miles (or 2.8 km) apart.
•And 36 miles west of that, on the south side of the River Thames, two clubs from the Borough of Greenwich in South East London, have qualified for the 1st Round. One of them you would certainly have heard of: League One/3rd-division side Charlton Athletic FC. The other club you might very likely never have heard of: Cray Valley Paper Mills FC (an 8th-level side in the Isthmian South-East). As near as I could ascertain, these two clubs’ grounds are around 2.4 miles (or 3.9 km) apart.
(Note: the two clubs from Oxford that have qualified for the 1st Round – 6th-tier side Oxford City (in the north-east of Oxford) and League One/3rd-division side Oxford United (in the south-east of Oxford) are located about 4.1 miles (6.6 km) apart.)

This is Cray Valley’s first-ever appearance in the FA Cup 1st Round, so I put together an illustration for them below, along with illustrations for this season’s other two 1st-Round first-timers: King’s Lynn Town FC (a 5th-division side) and South Shields FC (a 7th-tier side). On Sunday the 8th of November, Cray Valley will travel to Hampshire to face 6th-tier side Havant & Waterlooville (at 12:45 GMT).

    The 3 clubs making their first appearance in the FA Cup First Round…Cray Valley Paper Mills, King’s Lynn Town, South Shields.

Cray Valley (PM) FC – FA Cup 1st Round debut in 2020-21, for the 101-year-old club…
Photo an Image credits above – Nash’s Cray Valley Paper Mills, aerial photo (circa 1930s) unattributed at Main Stand, photo by the Wycombe Wanderer at Cray Valley (PM) manager Kevin Watson, photo from Ade Yussef celebrates his brace with teammates and fans, photo by Dave Cumberbatch at Francis Babalola after scoring the winner versus Maidenhead United, photo by Dave Cumberbatch via Cray Valley players run to celebrate with the few supporters allowed into the ground, photo by Dave Cumberbatch via

King’s Lynn Town FC – FA Cup 1st Round debut in 2020-21, for the 10-year-old phoenix-club…
Photo and Image credits above – Aerial shot [satellite image], screenshot from Main Stand, photo by Owen Pavey at Standing crowd in front of fully-occupied Main Stand [photo circa August 2019], photo by Ian Burt at Ian Culverhouse, photo by Geoff Moore at Adam Marriott, photo from

South Shields FC (III) – FA Cup 1st Round debut in 2020-21, for the 46-year-old phoenix-club…
Photo an Image credits above – view of South Shields, photo by David Dixon at Aerial image of Mariners Park from[birds-eye view]. Crowd at Mariners Park circa 2019, three-deep in the standing, with Clock Stand in background, photo from Darius Osei scores in 4th QR, photo by Ken Wilson at Robert Briggs doubles the lead in 4th QR, screenshot from video uploaded by South Shields FC at Post-match, 4th QR: Dual-managers Lee Picton and Graham Fenton celebrate with players and staff after the win, screenshot from video uploaded by South Shields FC at

Thanks to all, at the links below…
-Blank map of English Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Counties, by Nilfanion, at File:English metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties 2010.svg (
-Blank relief map of Greater London, by Nilfanion (using UK Ordnance Survey data), at File:Greater London UK relief location map.jpg.
-Blank relief map of Greater Manchester, by Nilfanion (using Ordnance Survey data), at File:Greater Manchester UK relief location map.jpg.
-Fixtures list: screenshot from
Attendance figures… (2019-20 average attendances for the 3rd and 4th division.) (2019-20 average attendances for all non-League clubs on the map, from the 5th division to the 9th division.)
-Thanks to Dave Cumberbatch at, for the 3 photos.
-Thanks to Cray Valley (PM) FC, for retweeting my tweet;[@CrayValleyPM].

October 13, 2020

2020-21 UEFA Champions League Group Stage: Location-map, with chart showing UEFA CL Group Stage appearances & titles for the 32 clubs.

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2020-21 UEFA Champions League Group Stage: Location-map, with chart showing UEFA CL Group Stage appearances & titles for the 32 clubs

By Bill Turianski on the 13th of October 2020;

I haven’t made a Champions League map in a while (6 years), and so I decided to make this one.

The map is a standard location-map showing the locations of the 32 qualified teams in the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League Group Stage.

There are several other aspects to the map page…
1). Groups A through H
At the very top of the map are the eight 4-team groups of the Group Stage, arranged with with each club’s home-country flag shown alongside.

2). Allocations vs. Qualified teams, by country
At the left side of the map page, Allocations (by member-nations) are shown, via a list of the top 33 UEFA Member-Associations in their current [2020-21] Country Co-efficient ranking. I stopped at 33 (out of the 55 total UEFA member-nations) because #33 is the current ranking of Hungary, and Hungary’s Ferencváros was the club from the lowest-ranked country to qualify for this season’s tournament. Hungary is currently ranked below Leichtenstein, for crying out loud, so congratulations to Ferencváros for qualifying (for the first time in 25 years, no less).

3). Average Attendances of the 32 clubs (home domestic league matches from previous season)…
Flanking the western-edge of the map is the most recent ‘normal’ attendance figures for the 32 clubs…attendances from last season’s home domestic league matches (2019-20 season), pre-COVID, ie pre-15th March (or so). In other words, with regards to the matches from last season that had zero attendance because they were played post-COVID and behind closed doors…those zero-attendance matches were not counted in the average attendance figures. I added the previous sentence because some sites, like and, have decided to include the post-COVID/closed-door-matches to each club’s attendance average figures. Thankfully, the excellent European Football Statistics site did not adhere to this, and discounted closed-door/zero-attendance matches…and that site’s figures are used here for the average attendance column on the map page. {Here is the European Football site.}

4). 2020-21 UEFA Champions League Group Stage: List of 2020-21 UEFA CL Group Stage teams by CL GS appearances, including European titles…
At the far right-hand side of the map page, all 32 clubs in the Group Stage are shown, by total Group Stage appearances, with consecutive appearances -/- or, previous appearance. Please note: the Group Stage aspect of this competition did not begin with the re-branding of the tournament in 1992-93…it began one season earlier. Here…1991-92 UEFA European Cup (…the last European Cup tournament in 1991-92 featured a Group Stage (of 8 teams; two of which are in the 2020-21 iteration – FC Barcelona and Dynamo Kyiv). Wikipedia doesn’t include the 1991-92 tournament in their total-Group-Stage-appearances list. But RSSSF does {here: Champions League – All-Time Table [(1991/92-2013/14]}. The competition didn’t change with the re-branding from the European Cup to the Champions League in 1992-93…the name just changed. Yes, the competition has evolved, but it had already evolved into a Group Stage, one year before the re-brand.

5). UEFA European Titles list
At the lower-right-hand corner of the map page is a list showing all of the 22 European title-winning clubs, listed by total titles won. (65 European titles: European Cup titles, 1955-56 to 1991-92; Champions League titles, 1992-93 to 2019-20.)

Here is the breakdown of UEFA European titles by Country (1956-2020)…
Spain: 18 titles, won by 2 clubs. (Real Madrid, 13 titles; FC Barcelona, 5 titles.)
England: 13 titles, won by 5 clubs. (Liverpool, 6 titles; Manchester United, 3 titles; Nottingham Forest, 2 titles; Chelsea, 1 title; Aston Villa, 1 title.)
Italy, 12 titles, won by 3 clubs. (Milan, 7 titles; Internazionale, 3 titles; Juventus, 2 titles.)
Germany: 8 titles, won by 3 clubs. (Bayern Munich, 6 titles; Borussia Dortmund, 1 title; Hamburger SV, 1 title.)
Netherlands: 6 titles, won by 3 clubs. (Ajax, 4 titles; PSV Eindhoven, 1 title; Feyenoord, 1 title.)
Portugal: 4 titles, won by 2 clubs. (FC Porto, 2 titles; Benfica, 2 titles.)
France: 1 title. (Olympique Marseille.)
Yugoslavia: 1 title. (Red Star Belgrade.)
Romania: 1 title. (Steaua Bucharest.)
Scotland: 1 title. (Celtic.)
Thanks to all at the following links…
-Blank map, by Alexrk2 at File:Europe laea location map.svg (
-Attendances, from
-UEFA Champions League (

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