July 26, 2023

2023-24 Premier League – Location-map, with 3 charts (Average attendance; Seasons-in-1st-Division; English titles list).

2023-24 Premier League – Location-map, with 3 charts (Average attendance; Seasons-in-1st-Division; English titles list)

By Bill Turianski, on 26 July 2023;
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2023-24 Premier League – Location-map, with 3 charts (Attendance; Seasons-in-1st-Division; English titles list).
The map is a basic location-map, with an inset map of Greater London. Also shown are small labels which point out the three promoted clubs (Burnley, Luton Town, Sheffield United). And there are three charts…

The Attendance chart, at top-centre of the map page, shows 4 things for each of the 20 current Premier League clubs…A) 2022-23 finish (with promotions noted). B) 2022-23 average attendance [from home league matches]. C) Stadium capacity [2022-23]. D) Percent-capacity [2022-23].

At the right-hand side of the map page are two more charts. The chart at the top-right shows Seasons-in-1st-Division for the 20 current Premier League clubs. Also shown are consecutive top-flight-seasons, and first season of current spell. (Counting 2023-24, there have been 125 seasons of English 1st division football; the English 1st division was established in 1888-89, with seasons played from 1888-89 to 1914-15; from 1919-20 to 1938-39; and from 1946-47 to 2023-24.)

Everton have played the most seasons in the top flight – 121 – and Everton have been in the top tier without relegation since 1954-55 (70 straight seasons). There are three other clubs that have played over 100 seasons in the English top flight: Aston Villa (110 seasons), Liverpool (109 seasons), and Arsenal (107 seasons). Arsenal are the club with the longest spell in the top tier – 98 seasons (since 1919-20). Of the 3 newly-promoted sides, Burnley return back to the top flight after one year. Sheffield United return back after two years. And Luton Town are playing top flight football for the first time in 31 years. The last time previously that Luton Town had been in the top tier was in 1991-92, which was the last season the English top flight was called the First Division. (The following season of 1992-93 was, of course, when the Premier League was established.)

The final chart, at the right-hand foot of the map-page, shows the all-time English Title Winners list (1889 to 2023/ 124 titles). Manchester United has won the most English titles, with 20 (last in 2013); Liverpool has won the second-most titles, with 19 (last in 2020). Arsenal have won the third-most titles, with 13 (last in 2004). Reigning champions Manchester City, and Everton, have jointly won the fourth-most titles – 9. Everton won their last English title in 1987; Man City have now won 5 of the last 6 titles. Twenty four clubs have won the English title. The most recent club to win their first title was Leicester City, in 2016.

Below are illustrations for the 3 promoted clubs (Burnley, Luton Town, Sheffield United)…

Burnley – promoted in 2023.
Photo credits above – Burnley 2023-24 home jersey, photo from Aerial shot of Turf Moor by Richard McCarthy via via

Luton Town – promoted in 2023; promoted back to the 1st division after 31 years. Luton Town are the first club to go from non-League football to the Premier League.
{Kenilworth Road: The throwback Luton Town stadium hosting the Premier League, by Kris Holland at}
Photo credits above – Luton Town 2023-24 home jersey, photo unattributed at 2 photos by Carl Recine/Reuters {}: Aerial drone shot of Kenilworth Road. Aerial drone shot of the two Oak Stand entrances (built into the row of terraced houses along Oak Road; entrance to the stadium, from there, is via a back-yard staircase). 2 photos via

Sheffield United – promoted in 2023.
Photo credits above – Sheffield United 2023-24 home jersey (w/ no sponsor), photo unattributed at Aerial shot of Bramall Lane by Michael Regan/Getty Images via

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