December 23, 2021

American Football League: 1964 AFL season, map with helmets/jerseys & final standings + offensive stats leaders + attendances. Champions: Buffalo Bills.

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American Football League: 1964 AFL season, map with helmets/jerseys & final standings + offensive stats leaders + attendances. Champions: Buffalo Bills

By Bill Turianski on the 23rd of December 2021;
-1964 AFL season
-1964 AFL Championship Game (
-1964 AFL season (

The map… The map shows the primary helmets and jerseys worn by the 8 teams in the 1964 AFL, the fifth season of the American Football League. Also shown on the map page are the final standings of the 1964 AFL season, the Offensive leaders of the 1964 AFL season, the home jerseys of the 8 AFL teams that season, and the average attendances of the 8 teams 1964 AFL season (compared to the previous season).

AFL attendances in 1964
Source for attendance figures: pdf at [Coffin Corner newsletter, Sept 1991, by Bob Carroll], Helmet illustrations from

Average Attendance, NFL vs. AFL (the 10 years they were in competition: 1960-69); plus NFL/AFL/Super Bowl title-winners in the 1960s…
Source for attendance figures: pdf at [Coffin Corner newsletter, Sept 1991, by Bob Carroll], Helmet illustrations from

    1964 AFL Championship Game: Buffalo Bills 20, San Diego Chargers 7.

AFL West winners…The 1964 San Diego Chargers were coached by Sid Gillman. The Chargers had gone 8-5-1 in the regular season. The Chargers were reigning champions, but they limped into the 1964 title game, losing 3 of their last 4 games. The Chargers’ offense was powered by WR Lance Alworth (with an AFL-best 15 TD), and the rushing tandem of Keith Lincoln and Paul Lowe (who combined for 1,128 yards), but Alworth was injured for the title game. Three Chargers made the 1964 AFL All-Star Team: T Ron Mix, DE Earl Faison, and DT Ernie Ladd.

AFL East winners…The 1964 Buffalo Bills were coached by Lou Saban. The Bills went 12-2, and had the AFL’s best defense (the only defense in the AFL that yielded less than 1,000 yards rushing). And the Bills’ ground-based offense scored a league-best 400 points, and featured FB Cookie Gilchrist (with an AFL-best 981 yards rushing). Six Bills made the 1964 AFL All-Star Team: RB Cookie Gilchrist, G Billy Shaw, T Stew Barber, DT Tom Sestak, LB Mike Stratton, and S George Saimes.

December 26, 1964…Buffalo hosted the game, at their War Memorial Stadium (aka the Rockpile). ABC broadcast the game. Game time temperature was a warm and unseasonable 47°F (8°C). Rain earlier that day had made the field damp, muddy, and slippery, especially along the sidelines and in the endzones. Sand was spread on the worst spots {see image below}. The game was a sell-out, with 40,242 in attendance in the 37,500-cappacity stadium. (Around 2,700 standing-room-only were tickets sold, thus making the capacity that day an impressive 107%.)

1st Quarter…The Chargers raced out to a quick 7-0 lead, with an 80-yard drive in 4 plays. On the first play of the game, FB Keith Lincoln burst up the middle for a 38-yard gain {see photo below}. Three plays later, QB Tobin Rote connected with TE Dave Kocourek for a 26-yard TD pass. The Chargers took a 7-0 lead after just 2:11.

But on San Diego’s next possession, the Bills’ defense changed the game. On a Chargers pass-play, Bills LB Mike Stratton hit Keith Lincoln just as the Chargers FB was about to catch a swing pass from Rote. Lincoln broke a rib, and had to be helped off the field, and was out for the rest of the game. The Chargers went scoreless after that. Late in the 1st quarter, the Bills scored on a 12-yard FG by Pete Gogolak.
Score at end of 1st Quarter: Chargers 7, Bills 3.

2nd Quarter…Midway through the 2nd quarter, the Bills took the lead on a 52-yard TD drive. The Bills started with an 18-yard pass from QB Jack Kemp to WR Elbert Dubenion. After 3 running plays, a 15-yard pass from Kemp to FB Cookie Gilchrist put the Bills 1st-and-goal at the 4. That set up a 4-yard TD run by HB Wray Carlton {see photo below}. Late in the 2nd quarter, the Bills scored on a 17-yard FG by Pete Gogolak.
Score at Halftime: Bills 13, Chargers 7.

3rd Quarter…no scoring.

4th Quarter… At the start of the 4th Quarter, the Bills got the ball on their own 48. QB Jack Kemp connected with WR Glenn Bass on a slant-pattern, and Bass went 51 yards to the San Diego 1. Two plays later, Kemp scored on a QB sneak {see photo below}. Then the Bills defense held the Chargers scoreless for the rest of the game. With 26 seconds left, Bills fans got through police barricades, and stormed the field, and began tearing down the goalposts.
Final Score: Bills 20, Chargers 7. The Buffalo Bills would repeat as AFL champions the next season (1965).
Photo and Image credits above – 3 screenshots: shot of ABC television broadcast title graphic, and shot of grounds crew spreading sand on muddy War Memorial turf, and shot Chargers HB Keith Lincoln shaking hands with Bill FB Cookie Gilchrist, 3 images from screenshots of video uploaded by Classic Sports at Keith Lincoln, photo by Walter Iooss Jr. via Colorized photo of Mike Stratton’s hit on Keith Lincoln, photo unattributed at Wray Carlton scores in 1964 AFL title game; and referee signals touchdown: 2 photos unattributed at Jack Kemp, photo by Neil Leifer/Sports Illustrated via Celebratory Bills fans carry QB Jack Kemp off the field, screenshot of video uploaded by Classic Sports at

Buffalo Bills on map page
1964 Bills uniforms, illustrations by Gridiron Uniforms database at[1964-AFL]. Jack Kemp [photo from 1964 AFL title game], photo by Neil Leifer via Jack Kemp & Cookie Gilchrist [photo circa 1964],photo unattributed from Cookie Gilchrist [photo circa 1964], photo unattributed at Elbert Dubenion [1965 Fleer card], from Daryle Lamonica [photo from 1964], photo unattributed at Buffalo Bills game-worn 1963 helmet, from helmet Billy Shaw [1962 Fleer card], from Stew Barber [1964 Topps card], from Tom Sestack [photo circa 1963], photo unattributed via Mike Stratton [photo circa 1965], photo unattributed at[@HelmetAddict]. Butch Byrd [1964 Fleer card], from[Bills]. George Saimes [photo circa 1965], photo unattributed from

Offensive stats leaders on map page
Len Dawson [photo circa 1965], photo unattributed at
Babe Parilli [photo circa 1965], photo unattributed at
Cookie Gilchrist [photo circa 1964], photo unattributed at
Charley Hennigan [1965 team-issue card], from
Lance Alworth [photo circa 1964], photo unattributed at

Thanks to
-Blank map by anonymous US federal government employee, at File:StatesU.svg (
-Thanks to for 1960-era AFL team logos.
-Thanks to the contributors at
-Thanks to the contributors at AFL 1964 season (
-Thanks to the Coffin Corner newsletter, for this pdf, [AFL attendance by team 1960-69] .
Special thanks to Tim Brulia, Bill Schaefer and Rob Holecko of The Gridiron Uniform Database, for giving the permission to use football uniforms illustrations from Gridiron Uniform Database {GUD}.

December 9, 2021

France: 2021-22 Ligue 1 – Location-map, with 2 charts: Seasons-in-1st-Division (current clubs) & All-time French titles list./+ Illustrations for the two promoted clubs (Troyes, Clermont).

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France: 2021-22 Ligue 1 – Location-map, with 2 charts: Seasons-in-1st-Division (current clubs) & All-time French titles list

By Bill Turianski on the 9th of December 2021;
-2021-22 Ligue 1 (
-Ligue 1 – Summary: matches, table, players, etc. (
-Get French Football…your home of French football in English (
-Football en France: Histoire, stats et classement sur la Ligue 1 (

The map shows the twenty clubs in the current season of the French Ligue 1 [2021-22].
The map features the locations and crests of the 20 current Ligue Un clubs, plus the recently-promoted and -relegated teams are noted. (Promoted in 2021: Troyes and Clermont; relegated in 2021: Nîmes and Dijon.) Also shown on the map are the 10 largest French cities, and the 13 Regions of Metropolitan France (aka European France). {Largest French cities’ metropolitan area populations from 2016 census, here}. The major French rivers are also shown on the map, and at the foot of the map the 10 longest rivers in France are listed (with brief descriptions).

There are two charts on the right-hand side of the map page….
One chart shows Seasons-in-1st-Division [current clubs]. (2021-22 is the 84th season of Ligue 1.) Marseille has spent the longest time in the French top flight, with 72 seasons. Second-most seasons in the French top flight goes to two clubs – Saint-Étienne, and Bordeaux – both with 69 seasons.

Also shown on the top chart are the consecutive seasons each club has currently spent in the top tier…
PSG are the current longest-serving member of Ligue 1, with 48 straight seasons (PSG have also won 7 of the last 9 French titles). Second-longest top-flight tenure belongs to Lyon, with 33 straight seasons (Lyon won 7 straight French titles from 2002 to ’08). Third-longest top-flight tenure belongs to Bordeaux, with 30 straight seasons (Bordeaux have won 6 titles, their last in 2009). Fourth-longest top-flight tenure belongs to Rennes [of Brittany], with 28 straight seasons (Rennes is the largest [ie, the best-supported] French club without a Ligue Un title). Fifth-longest top-flight tenure belongs to Olympique Marseille, with 26 straight seasons (OM have won 9 titles; last in 2010). And sixth-longest top-flight tenure belongs to the reigning French champions Lille, with 22 straight seasons. (Lille won their 4th French title, in May, beating out 3-time-straight champions PSG, by one point.)

The second chart is the All-time French professional titles list.
Saint-Étienne have won the most French titles: 10. But Saint-Étienne’s last title came 41 seasons ago, in 1981. Two clubs have won the second-most titles – Marseille, and PSG – with 9. Marseille last won it in 2010; PSG last won it in 2020. Paris Saint-Germain are by far the most wealthy club in the country, to the point of making a mockery of any notion of a balanced competition. (PSG are owned by a subsidiary of the slave-owning Gulf state Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund.)

Currently [9 December 2021], after 17 match-weeks, and with 45% of the 2021-22 season played, PSG are leading Ligue Un by a commanding 11 points {Ligue 1 table}. So, with PSG en route to their 8th title in a decade, the only things to play for in Ligue Un now are A) who will get the other 2 Champions League spots (it would be Rennes and Marseille, if the current table holds), B) who would also play in Europe (Nice and Lens, currently), and C) who would get relegated (Metz & Saint-Étienne, currently, with top-flight newcomers Clermont now in the 18th-place/relegation-play-off-place).

Below are shown the two clubs that won promotion last season (Troyes and Clermont).

2021: Troyes – promoted back to Ligue Un after 3 years…
Image credits above – Jersey illustration, by Mikhail Sipovich at[Troyes]. Stadium, photo unattributed at

2021: Clermont Foot – promoted to Ligue Un for the first time ever…
December 2021…Clermont have been playing to 94%-capacity in their debut season in Ligue Un so far (8 home matches), at 11,558 per game {attendances}.
Photo credit above – Jersey illustration, by Mikhail Sipovich at[Clermont]. Stadium, photo unattributed at
Thanks to all at the links below…
-Blank map of France by Superbenjamin at File:France location map-Regions and departements-2016.svg (
-Globe-map of France by Rob984 at File:EU-France (orthographic projection).svg (
-Seasons-in-1st-division data, from[Bilan historique Ligue 1].
-Longest rivers in France, from[longest-rivers-in-france].
-Largest French cities (2016 census figures of metropolitan-areas), from via’s_aires_urbaines_(metropolitan_areas).
-2021-22 Ligue 1 ( and

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