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Engl. 1977-78 Map «

October 16, 2007

1977-78, England. Nottingham Forest, champions.

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    Click the icon to the right for just the kits and crests of the 22 clubs.


Click the title to the right for just the map.  1977_map3.gif

I needed to do a good deal of research for this map and chart.  Here is a list of sites I utilized….  
1. Historical Football Kits  The kits I used are from this site.  Check it out.  It rules.   2. Behind the Badges  Origins of football club badges.   3. Footy-mad sites  They have sites for all 92 clubs in the English League.  I go to the Portsmouth site every few days (  Great reporting and commentary.  Plus, they have the League history of each club.  I used this for the relegations/promotions part of the chart.   4. Classic Kits  They feature away kits, too.   5. European Football Statistics This is where I get my attendance figures.   6.   I can’t seem to link this next one , so google ”Nigel’s webspace” if you like old cards and magazines.  Where I found the old Forest pennant.   7. Sykes Online Where I found the Leeds smiley badge, a design that really belongs on some 1970s prog-rock album cover.   8. Martin’s Coventry City Page   9. Pride of Anglia Ipswich Town site.   10. Bristol City Supporter’s Trust   10. Nottingham Forest FC   11. BBC   12. Wikipedia   13. E-Bay   14. Russell Davies  His eulogy for Brian Clough.

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