February 6, 2023

2023 Copa Libertadores: location-map for the 47-team tournament, with Club Histories (total Libertadores appearances & titles listed) + Population-chart of Cities with teams in 2023 Libertadores.

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Copa Libertadores 2023: 47-team map

By Bill Turianski on 6 February 2023;
-2023 Copa Libertadores (
-Summary: results, fixtures, standings ([libertadores].

This is the 64th iteration of the Copa Libertadores, the most prestigious football tournament in South America. The 2023 tournament is the 7th since it was expanded in 2017, from 38 to 47 teams. Since then, no team from a country other than Brazil or Argentina has won the title (Brazilian teams have won it 5 times since the tournament-expansion, and an Argentinian team has won it once since then). And Brazilian sides have won the last four titles. (Copa Libertadores winner in 2022 was Flamengo, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Copa Sudamericana winner in the 2022 tournament was Independiente del Valle, of Sangolquí, Greater Quito, Ecuador.)

This map includes the Preliminary-Stage teams: there are 19 preliminary-stage teams…and only four of those 19 teams will advance to the Group Stage. (Note: on the map-page, on the teams-by-country lists that flank the map, the 19 preliminary clubs are shown in italics, accented by a light tan-color.)

-The first of three Preliminary stages starts on 7-to-9 February {2023 Copa Libertadores Qualifying stages}.
-The Group Stage starts on 4-to-6 April. The draw for the Group Stage is on the 22nd of March. {2023 Copa Libertadores, Group Stage (}.

Qualified teams by country:
•Brazil has 8 teams (7 + Copa Libertadores holder).
•Argentina has 6 teams.
•Ecuador has 5 teams (4 + Copa Sudamericana holder)
•The seven other countries all have 4 teams each, in the tournament (Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela).

Cities with teams in the 2023 Copa Libertadores
This is the second time on one of my Copa Libertadores maps that I have included a chart which shows all the cities with teams in the tournament, and their populations. The chart is at the top-centre of the map-page. It includes the ten largest metropolitan areas in South America (nine of which have teams in the 2023 Copa Libertadores). The list then shows all the other top-50-largest metro-areas in South America with Libertadores teams this year. And then the list shows the other metro-areas with Libertadores teams this year. {Populations…Cities with teams in 2022 Copa Libertadores: Metropolitan-area figures for 50 largest South American cities from, 2015 at: List of South American metropolitan areas by population (; & Population figures for other cities with teams in tournament at: each city’s en.wikipedia page.}

Thanks to all at the links below
-Globe-map of South America by Luan at File:South America (orthographic projection).svg ([South America]).
-Blank map of South America by Anbans 585 at File:CONMEBOL laea location map without rivers.svg ([2018 Copa Libertadores]).
-2023 Copa Libertadores (
-Copa Libertadores 1960-2019 Club Histories (
-Libertadores titles list {}.

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