October 5, 2022

Italy: Serie A, 2022-23 season – Location-map, with 3 charts: Attendance (2021-22), Seasons-in 1st-Division [current clubs] & All-time Italian Titles list./ + The 3 promoted clubs (Lecce, Cremonese, Monza).

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Italy: Serie A, 2022-23 season – Location-map, with 3 charts: Attendance, Seasons-in 1st-Division [current clubs] & All-time Italian Titles list

By Bill Turianski on the 5th October 2022;

-2022-23 Serie A (
-Serie A page at
-Table, fixtures, results, stats, etc…Serie A/summary (
-English-speaking coverage of Italian football…Forza Italian

The map page has a location-map of 2022-23 Serie A, along with 3 charts.
The location-map features each club’s home kit [2022-23]. The map also shows the 20 Regions of Italy. And the map also shows the 11 largest cities in Italy (2020 metropolitan-area figures) {Metropolitan cities of Italy}. The cities’ population figures can be seen at the top of the location-map. Also, the map shows the locations of both the 3 promoted clubs and the 3 relegated clubs from 2022…Promoted to Serie A for 2022-23: Lecce, Cremonese, Monza; relegated to Serie B for 2022-23: Cagliari, Genoa, Venezia.

The 3 Charts…
The Attendance chart shows 2021-22 home domestic league average attendance, and lists each club’s 2021-22 finish. Also noted are the 7 European qualifiers from Italy for this season, and the 3 promoted clubs. The 7 European qualifiers from Italy for this season [2022-23] are:
-4 teams in the Champions League Group Stage (Milan, Inter, Napoli, Juventus).
-2 teams in the Europa League Group Stage (Lazio, Roma).
-1 team in the Europa Conference play-off round (Fiorentina).

The chart on the upper-right-hand side of the map page shows Seasons-in-1st-Division [current clubs/2022-23]. Alongside that are shown each club’s consecutive seasons in Serie A. Or, with the case of the 3 promoted clubs, the chart shows when they were last in the top division: Lecce returns to Serie A after 2 seasons; Cremonese returns to Serie A after 26 seasons; Monza joins Serie A for the first time ever.

The chart at the lower-right-hand side of the map page shows the All-time Italian Titles list (1898-1915; 1920-43; 1946-2022).

After 8 match-rounds played (or 21 % of the season), Napoli and Atalanta are at the top of the table, even on 20 points and undefeated so far. (Napoli’s last title was in 1990, while Atalanta [of Bergamo, Lombardy) have never been champions). In third place, one point back, are Udinese. Reigning champions Milan are 3 points back, in 5th place. Some of the Italian giants have stumbled so far, with Juventus in 7th place on 13 points, and Inter in 9th place on 12 points. As for the promoted sides: Lecce have won once (v Salernitana) and sit 13th. Monza have overcome a poor start and have won twice straight now (including a win over Juventus), and sit 16th. Cremonese have yet to win, and sit 19th, ahead of only Sampdoria.


    Below: the 3 promoted clubs of 2022 (Lecce, Cremonese, Monza)...

2022: US Lecce, promoted back to Serie A after 2 years...
Photo credits above - 2021-22 Lecce jersey, photo from Stadio Via Del Mare, photo unattributed at



2022: US Cremonese, promoted back to Serie A after 26 years...
Photo credits above - 2021-22 Cremonese jersey, photo unattributed at Stadio Giovanni Zito, photo by Stu Houghton at File:Coat of arms of Cremona.svg (by MostEpic at



AC Monza, promoted to Serie A for the first time (after 40 seasons in Serie B)...
Photo and Image credits above - 2021-22 Monza jersey, from Stadio Brianteo, drone video shot from video uploaded by bookcook73 at


Thanks to all at the links below...
-Blank map of Italy by TUBS, at File:Italy provincial location map.svg.
-Globe-map of Italy by Rob984 at
-Populations of Italian cities' metro-areas from Metropolitan cities of Italy (
-Attendance figures,[Italy].
-Seasons in Italian 1st division, from English translation at Participating clubs since inception of Serie A [Teilnehmende Vereine seit Gründung der Serie A] (
-General info, crests, kit illustrations, from 2022-23 Serie A (

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