September 7, 2021

2021-22 UEFA Champions League Group Stage: Location-map, with charts showing UEFA CL Group Stage appearances & titles for the 32 clubs.

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2021-22 UEFA Champions League Group Stage: Location-map, with chart showing UEFA CL Group Stage appearances & titles for the 32 clubs

By Bill Turianski on the 7th of September 2021;

The map is a standard location-map showing the locations of the 32 qualified teams in the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League Group Stage.

There are several other aspects to the map page…
1). Groups A through H
At the very top of the map are the eight 4-team groups of the Group Stage, arranged with with each club’s home-country flag shown alongside.

2). Allocations vs. Qualified teams, by country
At the left side of the map page, Allocations (by member-nations) are shown, via a list of the top 41 UEFA Member-Associations in their current [2021-22] Country Co-efficient ranking. I stopped at 41 (out of the 55 total UEFA member-nations) because #41 is the current ranking of Moldova, and Sheriff Tiraspol of Moldova was the club from the lowest-ranked country to qualify for this season’s tournament. This is the first time a club from Moldova has qualified for the elite competition that is the Champions League. But it is not really any sort of fairy-tale story of a David making it into the realm of the Goliaths. Because Sheriff Tiraspol is a club from the breakaway state of Transnistria. And Sheriff Tiraspol only got to the Champions League thanks to their owners, the controversial Sheriff Holding, a company which has an extensive and extra-legal monopoly in this isolated and internationally-unrecognized breakaway state. The following link is to a Twitter thread from the Moldova-born @SlavaMalamud…
Thread: @SlavaMalamud talks about Sheriff Tiraspol and Transnistria [26 Aug 2021]

3). 2021-22 UEFA Champions League Group Stage: List of 2021-22 UEFA Champions League Group Stage teams by CL GS appearances, including European titles…
At the upper right-hand side of the map page, all 32 clubs in the Group Stage are shown, by total Group Stage appearances, with consecutive appearances -/- or, previous appearance. Please note: the Group Stage aspect of this competition did not begin with the re-branding of the tournament in 1992-93…it began one season earlier. Here…1991-92 UEFA European Cup (…the last European Cup tournament in 1991-92 featured a Group Stage (of 8 teams; three of which are in the 2021-22 iteration – FC Barcelona, SL Benfica, and Dynamo Kyiv). Wikipedia doesn’t include the 1991-92 tournament in their total-Group-Stage-appearances list {here}. But RSSSF does {here: Champions League – All-Time Table [(1991/92-2013/14]}. The competition didn’t change with the re-branding from the European Cup to the Champions League in 1992-93…the name just changed. Yes, the competition has evolved, but it had already evolved into a Group Stage, one year before the re-brand.

5). UEFA European Titles list
At the lower-right-hand corner of the map page is a list showing all of the 22 European title-winning clubs, listed by total titles won. (66 European titles: European Cup titles, 1955-56 to 1991-92; Champions League titles, 1992-93 to 2020-21.)

Here is the breakdown of UEFA European titles by Country (1956-2021)…
Spain: 18 titles, won by 2 clubs. (Real Madrid, 13 titles; FC Barcelona, 5 titles.)
England: 14 titles, won by 5 clubs. (Liverpool, 6 titles; Manchester United, 3 titles; Chelsea, 2 titles; Nottingham Forest, 2 titles; Aston Villa, 1 title.)
Italy, 12 titles, won by 3 clubs. (Milan, 7 titles; Internazionale, 3 titles; Juventus, 2 titles.)
Germany: 8 titles, won by 3 clubs. (Bayern Munich, 6 titles; Borussia Dortmund, 1 title; Hamburger SV, 1 title.)
Netherlands: 6 titles, won by 3 clubs. (Ajax, 4 titles; PSV Eindhoven, 1 title; Feyenoord, 1 title.)
Portugal: 4 titles, won by 2 clubs. (FC Porto, 2 titles; Benfica, 2 titles.)
France: 1 title. (Olympique Marseille.)
Yugoslavia: 1 title. (Red Star Belgrade.)
Romania: 1 title. (Steaua Bucharest.)
Scotland: 1 title. (Celtic.)
Thanks to all at the following links…
-Blank map, by Alexrk2 at File:Europe laea location map.svg (
-2021–22 UEFA Champions League (

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