April 18, 2021

2021 Copa Libertadores: location-map for the 32-team Group Stage, with Club Histories (Libertadores appearances & titles listed); plus 2 charts: Libertadores titles by club & by country.

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2021 Copa Libertadores: location-map for the 32-team Group Stage, with Club Histories (Libertadores appearances & titles listed); plus 2 charts: Libertadores titles by club & by country

By Bill Turianski on the 18th of April 2021;

-2021 Copa Libertadores/Group Stage (
-Summary – CONMEBOL Libertadores [2021] (

The Group Stage (of 32) begins on 20-22 April (1st game-week).
The Group Stage, consisting of 6 match-weeks, will last six weeks – no break weeks this season. This is of course because the tournament was delayed in starting, due to the COVID pandemic.

The preliminary stages finished 13-15 April, and of the 19 preliminary-stage teams, the four teams to survive were:
Atlético Nacional (COL), Independiente del Valle (ECU), Junior (COL), Santos (BRA).

So that makes the breakdown for the 2021 Libertadores Group Stage the following…
Brazil, 7 teams (6 teams [including 1 team from the preliminaries] + the Cup Holder: Palmeiras).
Argentina, 6 teams (5 teams + the Copa Sudamericana winner: Defensa y Justicia).
Colombia, 4 teams [including 2 teams from the preliminaries].
Ecuador, 3 teams [including 1 team from the preliminaries].
Uruguay, 2 teams.
Paraguay, 2 teams.
Chile, 2 teams.
Peru, 2 teams.
Bolivia, 2 teams.
Venezuela, 2 teams.

There are two clubs making their Libertadores Group Stage debuts
•Rentistas. From Montevideo, Uruguay, located in the Cerrito neighborhood in the northern part of the city (about 13 km/8 miles north of central Montevideo). Club Atlético Rentistas have played 28 seasons of top flight fútbol. Rentistas are somewhat of a yo-yo club, with 7 separate spells in the Uruguayan Primera División since 1971. Rentistas won promotion from the second tier in 2019. Then, back in the top flight after a four-year absence, they finished tied for first, with Club Nacional, in the 2020 Uruguayan Primera División Apertura (15-game mini-season which ended in October). That alone gave them qualification for the 2021 Libertadores Group Stage. Rentistas went on to win the Apertura tie-breaker match with Nacional in mid-October 2020. But in April 2021, Rentistas lost to Nacional in the 3-team 2020 Uruguayan Primera División Championship Play-offs, losing 3-1 aggregate. Rentistas play in the 10,600-capacity Estadio Complejo Rentistas (opened 1998), which is owned by the club. Here is a recent aerial photo (from August 2020) of Estadio Complejo Rentistas {[@nahuelzn}. Rentistas wear red jerseys and white pants.
•Unión La Calera. From La Calera, in an interior valley within the Valparaiso region of Chile, located (by road) 114 km (71 mi) north-west of Santiago. La Calera is rather small to have a top-flight club: it has a population of around 50,000 {2017 figure}. Unión La Calera have played 24 seasons of top flight fútbol (including 8 of the last 10 seasons). In the 2020 Chilean Primera División, Unión La Calera were runners-up to Universidad Católica, thus qualifying for the group stage of the 2021 Libertadores. Unión La Calera play at Estadio Municipal Nicolás Chahuán Nazar, which has a 9,200 capacity. Here is a photo of the futuristic municipal stadium that Unión La Calera play in {}. The venue-site dates back to 1950, but the original stadium was demolished, and an entrirely new stadium was constructed in 2017-19. Unión La Calera wear all-red kits and have a simple yet smart-looking crest which is a disk in two shades of red, with a U-L-C sans-serif wordmark in navy blue and green.


Thanks to all at the links below...
-Globe-map of South America by Luan at File:South America (orthographic projection).svg ([South America]).
-Blank map of South America by Anbans 585 at File:CONMEBOL laea location map without rivers.svg ([2018 Copa Libertadores]).
-Blank map of Greater Buenos Aires, by NordNordWest at File:Argentina Greater Buenos Aires location map.svg (
-2021 Copa Libertadores (
-Copa Libertadores 1960-2019 Club Histories (
-Libertadores titles list {}.

Thanks to James Nalton at World Football for tweets & re-tweets {World Football}.

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