January 25, 2010

2009 NCAA Football Rankings- Final AP Poll, Top 10/ (plus a how-to for:’s-Eye satellite view).

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On the map, at the far right, top, there is the top 10 listed, along with the result of each team’s bowl game. Also on the map there is a shot of each team’s home stadium. In the little text boxes that accompany each photo, I have included the years when there were stadium upgrades (an upgrade usually means expansion). I have also noted when the playing surface was altered. Three of the venues have switched back to good old real grass (hooray for Florida, Ohio State and TCU!), while the Iowa Hawkeye’s Kinnick Stadium, and the Texas Longhorn’s Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, have switched back and forth , and now back again, to artificial turf (boo). PS, that story about Boise State’s blue astro-turf at their Bronco Stadium causing waterfowl to think it is a body of water, thus killing the birds when trying to land ?…Wikipedia says it’s an urban legend. Not so sure about that, but maybe I’m being a color snob (and an opponent of artificial turf in general). 


Below is a little chart I put together that shows each of the top 10 teams’ 2009 home average attendance. The blue column on the left shows the 2009 averages, plus the team’s rank in the 120-team Division I-Football Bowl Subdivision (the Michigan Wolverines were the highest-drawing college football team once more). In the middle column is listed percent capacity that each team drew (some venues allow for standing-room tickets, hence the percentages which exceed 100%). The light blue blue column on the right shows 2008 average gates, plus percent change from 2009-versus-2008.  


Thanks to the contributors to the pages at {2009-10 NCAA football bowl games page,  here}.  Thanks to NCAA site,  or attendance figures {click here (pdf )}.  

Thanks to {Bryant-Denny Stadium page, here}.   Thanks to {‘The Swamp”, here}.   Thanks to {Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial stadium, here}.   Thanks to konrad_photography at , {click here (Lane Stadium,  Blacksburg, Virginia)}.

Thanks to NCAA Stadium Guide,  at  {click here for interactive stadium guide} **Recommeded**.


Thanks to‘s awesome Bird’s Eye view.  Just check this shot of the Cincinnati Bearcats’ Nippert Stadium complex {click here}. 

Here’s how you can easily access’s Bird’s Eye view…

1). Make a Google search for whatever you want to see,  inserting wikipedia in the query…say, “oregon ducks stadium wiki” / {you get this (first search result: ‘Autzen Stadium-Wikipedia..’)}.  

2). Once you click to get to Wikipedia’s ‘Autzen Stadium’ page, {here},   click on the Coordinates (at top, right in bright blue).  

3). You should then have this page (GeoHack-Autzen Stadium) {here}.  (It might take a while).  

4). You will see in the middle of the screen a purple band for Bing Maps (popular).  One of three options there is Bird’s Eye .  Click on Bird’s Eye,  and you get this, {click here}.

Thanks to Micosoft for that.


Thanks to Jeremy at Albion Road site [2013: now defunct, sadly], for catching my error in not showing an up-to-date photo of the Texas Longhorns’ Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium,  which he found (somewhere) at . The endzone stand in the open air part of the horseshoe, (ie, at the far left in the photo) is the upgrade this photo shows.

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