October 8, 2009

NCAA Division I, Football Bowl Subdivision: The Big 12, with 2008 average attendances, and modern helmet history of each team.


As with the SEC map I posted a couple of weeks ago,  the modern helmet history of each team is shown in the teams’ sections on the far right.  The images of each team’s helmet start at the post-World War II period,  circa 1947 to 1950 or so.  This is when the old leather helmets were eventually replaced everywhere by the modern plastic compound helmets.  I am not positive,  but I think I have every helmet change of the teams in the Big 12,  from that post-War period to the present [to 2009].  At the bottom right of each team’s section is that team’s current helmet design  [note: Baylor has 2 helmets here because the team has home and road helmets this season.]. 

Thanks to MG’s Helmets {click here}.  This is where I get the illustrations of the current helmet designs. 

Thanks to the contributors to the pages at {click here (set at Big 12 Conference football)}.   Thanks to Kansas U. Athletics site/’Evolution of the Jayhawk’ {click here}.   Thanks to Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Page {click here}.   Thanks to Helmet Hut site {click here (set at College)}.   Thanks to The Helmet Project site {click here}.   Thanks to Logo Shak {click here}.   Thanks to Helmet {click here (set at College)}.   Thanks to glenniz,  for the Sooners-wagon-on-dark-red-background image {click here}. 

Thanks to The Southwest Conference Helmet History site,  which was a real help in nailing down obscure helmet designs and dates for teams like Baylor,  Texas A&M,  and Texas Tech {click here}.

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