April 12, 2013

Rugby league football (England and France): Super League – Super League XVIII (2013 season) location-map, with 2012 attendance data, and all-time Rugby Football League titles list / Plus illustrations of the grounds of the 3 best-drawing English rugby league clubs in 2012 (Wigan Warriors RL, Leeds Rhinos RLFC, and St Helens RLFC).

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Super League, location-map with 2012 attendance data of the 14 teams, and all-time Rugby Football League titles list

Note: my most-recent Super League map & post can be found here,
Rugby League: 2015 Super League XX location-map, with all-time English RL titles list & attendance figures from 2014./ Plus a season-preview article on 2015 Super League XX, written by James Nalton./ Plus illustrations of the 4 semifinalists from last season, including 2014 champions St Helens RLFC.

Official site of Super League,

From, from 10 Sept.2012, by James Gordon, ‘Wigan top average attendance table – Six Super League teams averaged crowds of more than 10,000 during the 2012 regular season.’

    Below, the top 3 drawing rugby league clubs in England in 2012: Wigan Warriors, Leeds Rhinos, and St Helens…

Best-drawing English rugby league football club in 2012, Wigan Warriors, 16,043 per game and a 66 percent-capacity.
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Photo of Wigan Warriors fans by mikemcsharry via

Second-best-drawing English rugby league football club in 2012, Leeds Rhinos (2012 Super League champions), at 14,948 per game and a 72 percent-capacity.
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Aerial photo of Headingley Carnegie Stadium from
Alam at
Leeds Rhinos’ jersey badge and 2013 jersey front [wallpaper] uploaded by azsportza at
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Varley Picture Agency at
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Third-best-drawing rugby league football club in 2012, St Helens, at 14,088 per game and a 78 percent-capacity – in their brand-new 18,000-capacity Langtree Park, which opened in November, 2011, and is owned by St Helens RLFC (and is also the new home of Liverpool FC reserves).
Photo credits above –
Photo of St Helens’ jersey crest from
Aerial photo of Langtree Park by Simon Kirwan at
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Chris Stoddart at


Thanks to James Gordon a, for compiling the attendance figures,

Thanks to the contributors to the pages at, ‘Super League‘

Thanks to Daniel Dalet at for the blank maps of England and France,

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