February 13, 2009

2008-2009 FA Cup, Fifth Round: Map of 17 clubs still alive, with club profiles and match-ups.

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To best view the Cup Ties/Club Profiles chart to the the left of the main map,  1. click on the above image,   2. click on the upper left-hand side to maginify (ie, at Arsenal v. Cardiff City),  3. then magnify the screen 4 or 5 times (via pressing “Shift” key and “+/=” key simultaneously).   That makes the type in each club’s profile box more readable without squinting.  Then you can scroll down to see all the match-ups. [One note:  I listed seasons spent in the 2nd Level for those Premier League clubs that have no major titles (Fulham and Middlesbrough).]

Thanks to the Historical Football Kits site,  for the kits  {Click here}.

FA site,  at the FA Cup page,  {Click here}.

BBC/ FA Cup,  {Click here}.

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