March 16, 2008

2008 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament- Map.

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The 2008 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament or, in the popular vernacular, “March Madness,”  starts this week.  The Final Four will be played at San Antonio, Texas, on April 5 to 7. 

The map shows the 65 teams involved, with each school’s home town, conference affiliation, and average attendance listed. 

The tournament starts Tuesday, with the play-in game.  The first round games are Thursday and Friday.

East Regional (@ Charlotte, NC).  #1. North Carolina.   2. Tennessee.   3. Louisville.

South Regional (@ Houston, TX).  #1. Memphis.   2. Texas.   3. Stanford.

Midwest Regional (@ Detroit, MI).  #1. Kansas.   2. Georgetown.   3. Wisconsin.

West Regional (@ Phoenix, AZ).  #1. UCLA.   2. Duke.   3. Xavier

Click here, for the ESPN site.

Click here, for Wikipedia’s entry on the whole tournament  (it’s easier to navigate than the official site, or the CBS site.) 

Click here, for updates. {}.

Here is a blank brackets column to print.

[Note: There will be March Madness update posts, starting with a teams’ average attendance list, Tuesday night.    For non-USA based sports fans of this site, don’t worry, I will have some more European football maps in the next few weeks, including the 2008 Russian Premier League, and the UEFA Cup Quarter-Finals.   And sorry if there are errors…this map was done on the fly.
Finally, my pick is Memphis.

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