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Italy: 2009-10 Serie A. «

September 22, 2009

Italy: 2009-10 Serie A.

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(Note: to see my latest map-and-post on Italian football, click on the following, category: Italy.)

The map shows the clubs in the 2009-10 Serie A season.  It is the 78th season of the competition. Reigning champions are Internazionale.

In the gallery below are the top 6 drawing clubs from the 2008-09 Serie A season. Stadium names, locations, and their capacities are listed, along with the clubs’ average gates.


Thanks to the E-F-S site,  for the attendance figures {click here}.   Thanks to the contributors to the pages at {click here (set at Serie A 2009-10 page).   Thanks to Eric Gaba, aka Sting;  and NordNordWest,  for the map,  ’Italy relief location map’,  at {click here}. 

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