February 23, 2008

Spain: La Liga, 2007-08 Season: Zoom Map.

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Continuing my new series of  ”Zoom Maps,”  here is La Liga, 2007-08 season. 

The rankings next to each club’s name are based on total points won (all time).  You can see the full list here, from the RSSSF site:

This system of ranking has its flaws (like skewing more heavily towards the recent years, when 3 points replaced 2 points for a win) but I have noticed that it is often referred to when Spanish clubs are discussed (well, in FourFourTwo magazine, at least).

The official name of the Spanish first division is the Liga de Futbol Professional (LFP).  It is commonly known as “La Liga.”  It was founded in 1929, and only 9 clubs have been crowned Campeones de Liga.  They are:  Real Madrid (30 times, and reigning champions);  FC Barcelona (18 times, last in 2006);  Atletico Madrid (9 times, last in 1996);  Athletic Bilbao (8 times, last in 1984);  Valencia (6 times, last in 2004);  Real Sociedad (2 times, last in 1982.  They are currently in the second division, having been relegated last spring.);  Deportivo La Coruna (2000);  Sevilla (1946);  and Real Betis (1945).

Click here, for Wikipedia’s entry on La Liga: 

On the map, League Titles, cups won (the Copa del Rey), and seasons in the top flight are included.  Also included are each club’s stadium, and it’s capacity; and each club’s full name.

**Click here, for the current standings in La Liga.

**Click here, for 2007-’08 Spanish attendance statistics.

Thanks to the Colours Of Football site, for the kits:

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