June 5, 2009

Germany: the 3 clubs promoted at the end of the 2008-’09 season, from 2.Fussball-Bundesliga to Fussball-Bundesliga.

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The map shows the three clubs to win promotion to the German Bundesliga-1 for the 2009-2010 season. 

Bundesliga -2 winners in 08/09 were SC Freiburg,  a yo-yo club from the foothills of the Black Forest,  in far south-western Germany,  in the state of Baden-Würtemburg.  Freiburg has spent 10 seasons in the top tier in Germany,  their last in 2005-’06.

Second in Bundesliga-2 were FSV Mainz 05,  a club from Mainz,  which is 32 kilometers (19 miles) west of Frankfurt,  in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.  Mainz had never been in the first division before 2003-’04,  and were relegated in ’07.  Next season will be only the club’s fourth in Bundesliga-1.

The winner of the promotion/relegation playoff,  over Energie Cottbus,  was FC Nürnburg,  a club with a storied past.  Nürnburg won 6 German Titles in the era between the two World Wars;  they won another national title in 1948,  and they won one in 1961.  Nurnburg has won one championship since the Bundesliga began in 1963-’64…in 1968.   That is a total 9 German titles.  Nürnburg has also won 4 DFB-Pokal [German Cup] Titles,  their first two in the 1930′s,  one in 1962,  and their most recent in 2007.  Nürnburg plays in the 47,000-capacity Frankenstadion,  which was renovated for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.  In their last season in Bundesliga-1 (07/08),  Nürnburg drew 43,033 per game.  Nürnburg bounces straight back to Bundesliga-1 for the 2009-2010 season,  which will be the northern Bavarian club’s 18th season in the German top flight.

In a side note,  with Energie Cottbus’ relegation,  Bundesliga-1 will be without a club from the former East Germany for only the second season since German re-unification.  East and West Germany were united in 1990,  and for football clubs,  the best two clubs from the 1990-’91 DDR-Oberliga season were accomadated to Bundesliga-1 for 1991-’92  {see this}.  These were Hansa Rostock (who have now spent 12 seasons in Bundesliga-1) and Dynamo Dresden (who have now spent 4 seasons in Bundesliga-1).  The other season with no former-East German club-representation was in 2005-’06…Hansa Rostock had been relegated in 04/05,  and Energie Cottbus would gain promotion in the spring of ’06.

[Note: I didn't use a blank map for the base map on this post,  because I found a nice map that showed German cities with their metropolitan areas.  Here is a list of the largest cities/ urban areas,  from the CityMayors site (they don't list year of population estimate, but it's probably 2003,  like the list for France that I linked in my last Promotions map)  {click here}.]   

Thanks to the Maps of Germany site,  for the base map  {click here}.   Thanks to Subside Sports,  for kit photos {click here}.   Thanks to FanSport24.d, for kit photos {click here}.   Thanks to, for a generic white jersey for me to slap togather a rendition of the elusive 08/09 SC Freiburg away jersey {click here}.   Thanks to .   Thanks to the contributors to the pages at Wikipedia {click here (set at Fussball-Bundesliga, 2009-2010 season)}.  Thanks to Bobby McMahon {click here} for pointing out the no-East German clubs-for-the-second-time angle.

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